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Rajesh Patil


Regaining your lost Dharma

Wasim Rizvi’s voluntary reconversion has divided Hindu community with one section welcoming his personal decision, another section attacking him for getting privilege to be...

Want more proof Biden is a fulminating racist?

There is a Quad alliance of India-US-Australia-Japan which deals with affairs of Indo-pacific and was made as counterweight to hegemonical aspirations of China to...

Approved by Indian Court: Her name was Ishrat Jahan and she was a terrorist

Do you remember how this narrative was peddled that Ishrat Jahan was killed in cold blood by Gujarat police and IB. Entire media regurgitated...

Abhijit Sarkar , Anti Hindu &The Dirty Professor of Oxford

Imagine how much money is on offer if you are ready to be a hinduphobe, ultra radical bigot, sexual pest who harasses women, anti...

Dragon : More Smoke, Less Fire

Is Dragon simply a sick Panda doing fancy dress? Why did China survive fall of Red Regimes in 1989-91 and why it might not...

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