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Rajesh Patil


Want more proof Biden is a fulminating racist?

There is a Quad alliance of India-US-Australia-Japan which deals with affairs of Indo-pacific and was made as counterweight to hegemonical aspirations of China to...

Approved by Indian Court: Her name was Ishrat Jahan and she was a terrorist

Do you remember how this narrative was peddled that Ishrat Jahan was killed in cold blood by Gujarat police and IB. Entire media regurgitated...

Abhijit Sarkar , Anti Hindu &The Dirty Professor of Oxford

Imagine how much money is on offer if you are ready to be a hinduphobe, ultra radical bigot, sexual pest who harasses women, anti...

Dragon : More Smoke, Less Fire

Is Dragon simply a sick Panda doing fancy dress? Why did China survive fall of Red Regimes in 1989-91 and why it might not...

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