30.8 C
New Delhi
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Middle-East is once again on fire, as we are witnessing another round of clash between Israel and Palestine. Palestine's Hamas terrorist group has initiated a volley of bombardments on...


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Vulture International Media feeds on national tragedy in India by calling B.1.617 Indian variant, even if WHO never called virus with country name

Did you know the World Health Organization never called viruses or variants with names of countries they are first reported from, such as Indian...

WHO lauds Uttar Pradesh Govt’s Herculean efforts to reach the last mile to stop COVID-19

India is fighting a massive battle against COVID. While the Central govt and respective state governments are trying their best to put a brave...

The Afghanistan Mess & the power vaccum created by US

As the Pentagon declares a pullout from Afghanistan, the US corporate press is voicing concerns about an imminent terrorist resurgence, with CNN all but...

Even if BJP has lost perception war outside Bengal, but BJP is firmly standing by its each and every worker after post poll Hindu...

Dear Hindus, how dare you voted for BJP in Bengal? Now, get ready to pay for exercising your democratic rights to vote: This is the...

Political violence in Bengal – A sad affair

West Bengal was in the throes of widespread violence on Monday the 3rd May, that allegedly left several political workers dead and injured prompting...



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