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Shame on you Gauri, a non-dual goddess? Come and find out the truth! Lajja Gauri a non-dual goddess? Let’s know the truth!


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As promised here is the thread on Lajja Gauri
These images are often used by Islamists and Christians, left-liberals to mock Hindus as a sex maniacs, uncivilized people, some western historians even call her shameless goddess.

After the 12 century, these Lajja Gauri images and culture to worship her almost vanished from Hindu society
In response to my tweet, many say that Lajja Gauri is a Tantrik Goddess & not commonly worshipped.

Let’s find out if is it true.& how ancient is this culture of worshiping a goddess who is showing her private parts?
Lajja Gauri also known as Aditi Goddess of Punrvasu Nakshatra, meaning of Punarvasu is to shine again & again,creation within creation.

The literal meaning of Aditi is undivided,nondual,or Adwaita
Rig Veda in 10.72.4 says Aditi was born to Daksha Prajapati

The earth was born from the upward-growing (tree), the quarters were born from the earth; Dakṣawas born from Aditi, and afterward Aditi from Dakṣa.”

Some texts referred to her as a female form of Bramha
Aditi then married Maharshi Kashyap & became the mother of all Gods
The Sister of Aditi is Diti, who gave birth to Danavas, Danvas believe in division,as their mother’s name Diti suggests duality.

So this Goddess Aditi as a Mother of all Gods worshipped all over India, in ancient carvings she holds a lotus in both her hands, and at the place of her head she has a big lotus
Now what is the significance of lotus?
Commonly we know the lotus as a symbol of knowledge.

But in Tantra Yoni or vagina is suggested by the symbol of lotus Sitting in the squatting position or lying down,legs wide open showing the vagina,a posture in which women gave birth to a child
Since when we are worshiping Lajja Gauri ?

Shocking since the Harappan era we are worshiping her
Harppan Terracotta lajja Gauri images with Trishul ,no Lotus head or ,lotus in hand so the recent images with Lotus head are most probably Tantrik.

Are we the only people who worship a goddess sitting in such a position that the modern generation considers an invitation for sex?
No, we are not alone, the whole of Europe and mediterenian countries were worshiping her
e.g. Shila na Gig.

In which part of India we can tress worship of Lajja Gauri by ancient Indians?
Almost all over the India
Be it MP , Rajsthan , MH, Karnataka, Telangana , Gujrat
Here is the image from MH.


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