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Approved by Indian Court: Her name was Ishrat Jahan and she was a terrorist


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Do you remember how this narrative was peddled that Ishrat Jahan was killed in cold blood by Gujarat police and IB.
Entire media regurgitated that planted lie to somehow fix Modi and Shah and in that pursuit, the entire ecosystem harassed Gujarat and IB police officers.
UPA bosses went all over town painting terr@rist Ishrat Jahan as some Joan of Arc.

This inspite of LeT acknowledging on its official website that Ishrat was their fidayeen.
She and the Mallu boy whom she trapped and converted were hired to murder then Gujarat CM Modi. Role of some politicians was also suspected in recruiting her as Modi even then was showing all signs of becoming future PM of India and eliminating him would mean path clear to balkanise India or weaken India.
It was a time when CBI was caged parrot of Italians and used to sing their song. It was systematically compromised to put pliant corrupt people who would sell soul to foreign invaders occupying powerful seat in India.
IB mercifully had this information along with RAW and it used to throw a cordon of protection for the man they knew would be future of Indian renaissance. IB knew Ishrat had come to kill Modi and they got into action along with Gujarat police and eliminated her before she could eliminate our PM.
The ones who recruited her went into berserk mode as their brahmastra was foiled by IB. Modi survived and Ishrat was dead. In brazen revenge mode, IB officers were harassed, Gujarat police was tortured and defamed MD punished, Ishrat was raised to level of martyr.
One sick politician even ran an ambulance in her name inspite of all evidences pointing that she was a LeT operative. The ambulance was run in area which straight looks like Muridke planted in heart of India. Then Nitish Kumar, the slippery eel of Indian politics tried his own politics by calling her Bihar ki Beti.
Imagine some politician in US calling MOHD Atta as son of New York.
Ishrat was milked by all B@rkhas and Khajdeeps. Social media resisted their narrative and most sane well read Indians knew the truth inspite of UPA propaganda.
Finally the truth is out as courts have given justice to brave officers who suffered just because they killed a dreaded jih@di terr@rist before she could kill future Indian PM. About politicians recruiting Jih@di terr@rists to do their dirty work, look no further from V@ze and his handlers actually getting a jih@di terr@rist lodged in Tihar to broadcast threat message to Ambani. UPA was many a times more closer to LeT than ISI. 26/11 needs to be reinvestigated. Kasab, Headley were just like V@zes. The real architect were some different people.


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