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How Citizenship Amendment Act is going to benefit 3 Crore Matua Hindus !!


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3 Crore Matua Hindus have been living in West Bengal without any citizenship rights, neither they got any land rights and consistently treated by Congress, CPM and TMC as third order citizens. Those 3 parties only milked Matua votes but gave nothing in return.

BJP under PM Narendra Modi ji had vowed to fully assimilate Matua Hindu refugees in Indian society by giving them citizenship which will pave the way for land rights too. The BJP government led by Modi ji brought the Citizenship Amendment Bill and made it a law fighting all odds and now the much awaited dream of Matuas being Indian citizens is coming to reality. After passage of CAA, whole India erupted into violence because Matua hater Congress, CPM and TMC fueled riots everywhere. They opposed Matuas getting Citizenship but uttered no word against crores of Bangladeshi Muslims encroaching vast swathes of Assam and Bengal.

BJP not only paved the way for full integration of Matuas in Indian society but also declared soothing Rs 10,000/ year financial aid to each Matua family to compensate 70 year ignorance done with them by Congress, CPM and TMC.

This is the defining movement for Matuas 3 Crore Matuas in West Bengal and total 5 Crore Matuas living all over India.

Even after passage of CAA, Didi’s TMC government showed sheer hatred for 3 Crore Matuas and remained adamant by not granting them land pattas in Bengal.

Now, BJP has promised to correct TMC mistakes in the very first West Bengal cabinet meeting should BJP come to power in the state overthrowing Matua hating TMC Government.

Much awaited Indian citizenship to Matua Hindus which was evading them since the last 7 decades will be granted as PM Modi led BJP Government has passed Citizenship Amendment Act. Also BJP has promised Rs 10,000/family/year to Matua Hindus as compensation for decades of insult and ignorance of successive Congress CPM and TMC governments.

Once Matua Hindus become full fledged Indian Citizens as ensured by CAA act, they will get more benefits as follows.

1) Matua girls would get free education from KG to PG,
2) Those Matua families having fish pond would annually get benefited with subsidy of Rs 6000/-
3) Those widows from Matua community would get Rs 3000/-

Upcoming polls is golden opportunity for us to push Congress, CPM and TMC into history pages of Bengal for criminal injustice they did with entire Matua Hindu community and to wholeheartedly welcome entire new regime which beat all odds and put the party at grave risk by siding with CAA- a law which ensured bright future for voiceless Hindu refugee communities of India like us.


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