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Pallavi Tamhankar


Is it end game for MVA in Maharashtra ?Will the car full of explosives lead to a political explosion?

We all think the entire crisis started with the gelatin sticks laden Scorpio outside Antilla - no, it started about a month before -...

Who is True Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Bhakt ?The one following his path or the one using his name ?

There are some who just take the names of great leaders & claim to follow them while there are those who internalize the lessons...

The power of a single image to change the narrativefrom “Lady Singham” to “General Dyer”?Or “Annadata” to “Anarchist”?

The power of a picture ! It’s said that a single picture or a photo is more eloquent than a thousand words There are some iconic...

Why is centre a silent spectator to Arnab’s arrest – on what Maharashtra govt is doing?

Instead of being angry on the MVA, some netizens are angry on BJP & are diverting anger from the atrocities of the MVA to...

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