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Post-poll violence in Bengal – is it just political vendetta or an existential crisis for Hindus?


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From yesterday, social media is flooded with news of Didi’s goons attacking BJP karyakartas

Many right wingers are angry that Modiji is now behaving like Gandhiji ; they think Amit Shah has also mellowed down – didn’t act on Shaheen Bagh & farmers siege. Now BJP President Naddaji has announced a nationwide dharna to protest against the violence. They say sadly – “Puri party ekdum gandhigiri kar rahein hain!”
I would like to add some facts of what is happening on the ground. Now if you think that a party that has ensured zero terror attacks in mainland India in the last 6 years has been caught napping & had no idea of this violence, you are sadly & highly mistaken. If Didi would have lost, believe me, the violence would have been many times more in casualties & brutality

The centre has been ready for this!

The CRPF has not been withdrawn; the army & BSF have been kept on a standby; reports have been asked from Governor by centre on post poll violence; PIL has been filed by BJP on post poll violence in SC

Right wingers have been accusing Modiji & Amit Shah of having a “use & throw” policy for karyakartas – to use them as fodder for Didi’s excesses & then use them for gaining sympathy & votes & create fear in the Hindus to ensure polarisation of votes

Many want the Modi of 2002 who “taught a lesson” to Muslims in Gujarat who never dared to attack the Hindus there again but what to do – Modiji now believes in Gandhiji, non violence & just wants the Nobel Prize!

First of all, don’t be in love with that Modi because he never existed ! He never encouraged the riots or the violence & tried his best to control it but it kept going from cities to villages & so on! Let’s also not forget that he was CM for just a few months then & didn’t have the famed iron grip on the administration that he developed later to ensure a riot free rule for the rest of his tenure. So Modiji was never the “maut ka saudagar”that Sonia Gandhi called him or the right wingers imagined him to be

Both Modiji & Amitbhai have been karyakartas from their early life – they have served the RSS & the BJP with singleminded selfless devotion & till 2001, Modiji had never even contested a single election nor had intention of “becoming anything”

Their only aim was to serve the motherland & they fulfilled whatever duty was assigned to them. They have spend years as karyakarta in Gujarat which used to see religious violence & riots on a very regular basis.

So to even think that Modi-Shah don’t care about karyakartas or have no intention to protect them from vengeful governments is blatantly unfair.

It means you have never understood these men.

You feel they have no idea of this pain? That that they don’t care about what happens to karyakartas when they themselves have been in those shoes for years ?

Remember the Hindi saying – “haathi ke daant khane ke alag aur dikhane ke alag!”

Are all strategies discussed on social media ?

Were the Uri & Balakot attacks announced on Twitter?

Those who had the guts to attack a nuclear nation like Pakistan are afraid to attack the dangerous forces within?

Also, we have to think – think deeply – is this just a political fight or an existential crisis for all Hindus of West Bengal & India ?

Are these karyakartas just doing BJP a favour by fighting back or are they fighting back to save their own lives & own future?

Is it a fight of Modi-Shah or BJP or a fight for all Hindus ?

Love it or hate it, we have to get strong locally to fight back this existential battle – what were Rinku Sharma’s neighbours doing when people from “samuday vishesh” came into his locality & killed him ?

Bravery & unity is not just for the army but for all of us – we have to be united & should fight back when threatened

As long as we think that this fire is still far from my house & do nothing to save a Rinku Sharma, the next victim will be from our house – we will continue to see Kashmir & Kairana & now Kolkata & rest of Bengal as distant problems that don’t affect our lives

Get together, fight back to protect our culture, our future – it’s not just fight of the BJP, it’s a fight for our future, our culture, our very existence!

We have to go beyond political slogans & chanelise our inner Ram & Durga Mata and fight back keeping faith in our leadership. They may not always be able to save us but to say that they never had the intention or desire to do so is great injustice to these former foot soldiers of the BJP

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah !!


  1. Nice Pallaviji. Good article. Needless to mention , we have full faith in our beloved PM ….my only fear being time shouldn’t run out for us.


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