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Life lessons from Hanumanji


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On Hanuman Jayanti , let’s learn some life lessons from Hanumanji

He is Vayuputra – the son of Vaayu – symbolises the power of the “prana”, our life forces !

If we do pranayam regularly, we can get the full benefits of our “pranavayu”. Pranayam has been proven even by modern medical science to provide a host of benefits- from lowering BP, de-stressing to weight loss. Oxygen therapy is also used for healing ulcers like diabetic foot ulcer.

Hanumanji is capable of becoming smallest than that the small & bigger than the biggest.

So don’t underestimate the power of the small Coronavirus, which is so minuscule that it can go inside our cells & creates such great havoc! A small nation like Singapore, which was a small fishing village, is today a huge thriving economy with one of the world’s busiest ports with the capacity to help a nation like India in times of need while giants dither to help.

Hanumanji ne Lanka ko aag lagayi when they lit a fire to his tail ! This story reveals that when you try to destroy others, that same fire will become big & consume you too! Those who created monsters to further their political careers paid for it ultimately. Whether it is a superpower like the USA that trained Osama to fight the Russians in Afghanistan or Indira Gandhi, who propped up Bhindranwale to fight the Akalis !

We know the story of Hanumanji biting off the pearl necklace & opening up his heart to show that Lord Ram resides in his heart. It represents the useless nature of material gifts like jewellery & expensive clothes. For example, a husband’s true love should be more valuable to a woman than all fancy gifts that he can get for her (of course, if you can get both, nothing like it ). I often find that expensive gifts are a replacement for the lack of time that a spouse or parents have.

The story of Hanumanji bringing the entire mountain when he couldn’t get the elusive Sanjeevani booti shows the power of love to mountain mountains. When you truly love & care for someone, you always find a way !

The story of Hanumanji with Bhima shows that you may be very strong or powerful, but you must never lose your humility. As they say, the tree which is most laden with fruits, lowers more. Similarly, a well endowed ( with knowledge & power) person should bow more with humility.

These are a few of the lessons that we can learn from Hanumanji, who is Chiranjeevi (immortal) and I am sure is with us in every breath of our life!

Happy Hanuman Jayanti 🙏🙏

Jai Shri Ram 🙏🙏


  1. A timely article. The association of Hanumanji with Prana is most appropriate. Prana is synonymous with life, and Prana is also our physical strength. There is an Upanishadic story which describes a quarrel among the sense organs in the body, each claiming to be more important than the others. They decided to go to Brahmā, the Creator, to resolve the dispute. Brahma Pitāmaha told them whoever the body cannot do without is superior. So the sense faculties (indriyā-s) comprising the sense of hearing, sense of touch, sight, taste and smell, left the body one by one and came back when each one of them found out the body could withstand their loss. Then Prana said, “Let me try” and left the body. All the senses weakened and the body came to the verge of collapse. The Indriyā-s implored Prana to come back and save them all. And it proved who was superior!
    Hanumanji was not only immensely strong, but he was a realised soul. This is what is symbolised in his opening the heart to show that his Lord, Ram, is established there. He has identified his Self with Lord Ram. In Hinduism such a realised soul is Divine. ‘Brahmavit Brahmaiva Bhavati’ is the maxim (One who knows Brahman becomes Brahman). Therefore, Hanumanji has attained oneness with Lord Ram. He is not just a devotee of Ram. He IS Ram.


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