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The story of 5 assembly polls & the twist in the battle of Nandigram


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Looks like all my predictions came true !

I said BJP will improve on its previous assembly performance in Bengal – from 3, it has gone to 80 plus

Didi has now got up from the wheelchair – how her injury got healed at the correct time, after the election campaigning was over !

Pinarayi Vijayan has made history in Kerala as he comes back to power & will be known as “Teflon Pinny” as none of the charges – from corruption to gold smuggling stuck to him in “Gold’s own country”

There has been a “SON”rise in TN but it has not been a landslide victory & AIADMK has done very well after 10 years of incumbency

BJP retains power in Assam & has got Cherry on top by winning Puducherry !!

Now jokes aside, some people are making snide remarks that BJP was saying we will cross 200 but has not even crossed 100; they have no idea of what’s happening in the ground; BJP’s market research team has failed & so on

Remember, you don’t go into a war saying that we are not going to win, even if your internal reports tell you that. The only way to win a war is to believe that you can do it, to give your best and to motivate your cadre to think that yes we can!

Win or lose, you can never fault the BJP for not trying hard enough & having a highly committed cadre that fought bravely till the end – in this case, with a lot of personal risk to life & limb

Some may say that BJP got less than what they did in LS 2019 so all these efforts over the last 2 years is a waste.

Do you think that for last 2 years Didi & her team were sleeping? That PK was twiddling his thumbs ?

They researched how & why BJP made inroads & took corrective action – like trying to look more balanced & secular, playing less appeasement politics & focusing more on development politics. That’s why Didi started chanting the “Chandi path” in all her meets & spoke about being a Bengali Brahmin woman who understands the culture & ethos of Bengal

Didi is known as a fighter & that’s why she took up a challenge to fight Suvendu in Nandigram! She sat on a wheelchair & campaigned, making it a “one woman vs BJP electoral juggernaut” campaign which gained her sympathy of the public as she showcased herself as the one person trying to save Bengali pride from “outsiders” who were “poaching people” from her party & using a lot of funds & resources to defeat her – a “simple woman”

Yes, Didi blocked a lot of central schemes but replaced them with her own schemes – many of which did reach her votebank

Let’s remember that voters do vote differently in LS & assembly polls; so Rajasthan, that booted out Vasundhara Raje as CM, voted with full enthusiasm for Modiji as PM just 6 months later giving BJP 100 % seats

BJP didn’t have a CM face to match the charisma & popularity of Didi & that’s what perhaps made a difference in why Lotus performed less spectacularly than in LS

But we can’t discount that the BJP has done amazingly well & is the prime opposition party in Bengal today

Looks like BJP founder Shyama Prasad Mukherjee & all those karyakartas who gave their blood, sweat & tears, will have to wait longer for Bengal to come out of the blue funk & get saffronised

Now only hope is that Didi has learnt her lessons & instead of getting more vengeful & attacking BJP workers & those who voted against her (as she chillingly declared after the CRPF goes away), dictatorial & appeasing, she becomes more open minded, development oriented & truly works towards preserving “ Bengali Culture ” which is in danger with continued illegal migration of outsiders via Bengal’s very porous borders

If she doesn’t turn over a new leaf & understand the dangers of these demographic changes, it will be “Bengal ka khela Shesh” !

But wait, there’s a twist in the tale! Didi has lost to Suvendu Adhikari by 1622 votes in Nandigram. Of course, she can have recounting or contest again from a safe seat but looks like BJP has taken off the sheen of Didi’s historic third win with this stain on her spotless white saree. After all, NandigRAM main RAM hain na ?
Jai Shree Ram didi 🙏🙏


  1. Good analysis. But what about the ground level workers against whom TMC goons have already been let loose . Their plight would be horrific. Perhaps BJP was lulled into complacency after parliament elections and took for granted CPM vote Bank switching over to them. Unless WB, Assam, Jharkhand are under BJP rule , CAA implementation and deportation of Bangladeshi infiltrators would be a pipe dream.


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