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Hail Democracy – Mamata’s TMC wreck havoc on Hindus and Violated EC & COVID Norms once election results were out


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West Bengal is infamous for political violence and goondaism for many decades, and this time also, there is no difference. As expected, the violence has been broken out in several parts of West Bengal on Sunday evening even as trends and results from the assembly election were pouring in. It seems TMC goons were too much agitated as Mamata Banerjee lost her own seat.

Several houses and vehicles of Hindu supporters of Bharatiya Janata Party candidates were attacked and a party office at Arambagh was set on fire. The vehicle of senior BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari, who defeated chief minister Mamata Banerjee in Nandigram, was also attacked.

In another incident, the car of BJP candidate Mihir Goswami was damaged by TMC goons at Natabari. His fault? He won the election from Natabari in north Bengal defeating Rabindranath Ghosh, the sitting minister, and a senior TMC leader.

A BJP party office at Arambagh was also set ablaze by TMC members, where the party’s candidate Madhusudan Bag defeated TMC’s Sujata Mondal by around 7,100 votes. At Siuri, a BJP office was ransacked and the local party leader’s tractor was set ablaze.

BJP leader Sambit Patra has lashed out at the Trinamool Congress and accused the TMC goons of attacking BJP workers and offices. He said that “BJP office in Arambagh was set on fire by TMC goons. TMC workers attacked BJP workers in Belaghat, similar incidents happened in Shivpur, Durgapur, Uttar Bardhaman,”.

Well, usually a political party and its supporters do celebrate after winning the elections. But TMC has set a different precedent altogether. They are killing their opponents, blazing the properties offices, and whatnot. What kind of politics TMC is playing?

Election Commission banned victory processions – But TMC violated it blatantly

Due to a sudden spike in the number of COVID-19 cases, the Election Commission had earlier banned all victory processions on or after the day of the counting of votes.

The Election Commission order copy clearly said that, “In view of the surge in COVID 19 cases throughout the country, the Commission has decided to make more stringent provision to be followed during the process of Counting, in addition to exiting Broad Guidelines dated 21st August, 2020 and has directed that no victory procession after the counting on 2.5.2021 shall be permissible.”

However, such orders don’t seem to be applicable to TMC and Mamata Banerjee, as they have brazenly violated these orders.

Trinamool Congress workers and supporters were seen celebrating in large numbers at various places, and later the same mob started attacking the BJP offices and cadre.

Blatant violation of COVID Protocols and Election Commission norms

This was replicated across the entire West Bengal, as TMC supporters have come out in droves, with blatant disregard for the COVID-19 pandemic protocols, Election commission norms, and the partial lockdown imposed in the state recently.

Several people shared gruesome visuals online, which show a massive number of people dancing and cheering on the streets. While some wave flags, others have painted themselves with the colors of the TMC’s symbol. Others still can be seen holding bike rallies, marching with photos of Mamata Banerjee, and more.

Election Commission takes a note of this violation

The Election Commission has taken a stern view of such proceedings, directing the heads of political parties to ban these celebrations. In an order that was shared on Twitter, the poll panel also reminded that it had previously passed orders prohibiting such events. “The Commission has further directed that the responsible SHO(s) and other officers must be placed under suspension immediately and criminal/disciplinary actions must be initiated against them,” the notice added.

Several Hindus lost their lives due to TMC’s violence

As per multiple reports, many Hindus have lost their lives since yesterday.

Taking the stock of the situation, the Governor of West Bengal Sh. Jagdeep Dhankad called West Bengal DGP and Commissioner of Kolkata police for an urgent meeting.

Governor also called upon the ACS-Home and directed him to submit report on post poll violence and vandalism in State & steps taken. He has been urged to take all possible measures to ensure accountability of officials concerned.

Well, this was very much expected from Mamata Banerjee and TMC, as she has already warned BJP supporters and Hindus of grave consequences when she was campaigning. It is unfortunate to say that such political violence and lawlessness cannot be overlooked as this taints essence of democratic fabric.

It is democracy and political leaders should maintain calm and peace and promote harmony among their cadre. However, this doesn’t seem the case with TMC and Mamata Banerjee. This blatant violation should be handled with iron fist and such political parties should be taught a stern lesson.


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