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Muslim Ummah – How Owaisi Family incited violence against Hindus, to avenge 1987’s Mecca clashes between Muslims


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Do you still remember the communal violence incident that happened at Azad Maidan in Mumbai, where a mob of Muslims rioted in the name of protesting against atrocities on Rohingyas in Myanmar? They ransacked the national monument there, burnt the media vans, and whatnot. All this happened because they believe in the concept of Muslim Ummah.

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Now you may ask, what is Ummah? It is an Arabic word meaning “community”. It means a nation with common ancestry or geography. Thus, it can be said to be a supra-national community with a common history and religious alignment.

Indian Muslims strongly believe in the concept of Ummah, where pain arises in their hearts against the so-called atrocities against a Muslim in any corner of the world, although it is another matter that this feeling arises based on their nefarious agenda. Their strong emotions evoked for Rohingyas and Gaza’s people but never raises the voice of oppression of Muslims in China or Afghanistan.

We have a so-called leader of Muslim Jamaat in India, who is known for following the footsteps of evil Jinnah. Yes, we are talking about Asaduddin Owaisi, who is an educated lawyer to say, speaks fluent English, but he often showcases from time to time how much poison he has against Hindus.

The Owaisi is known for its dark history, and this article is all about the darkest chapter in the history of AIMIM. After independence, the Nizam of Hyderabad state had made his intentions clear that he had no plans to join the Republic of India.

The Owaisi family supported the army of Rajakars, which led to the death of thousands of Hindus, later it was the family that started leading the AIMIM party. This party has always been anti-Hindu, and they raise only issues related to Muslims, all in the name of Ummah.

Owaisi family orchestrated riots in Hyderabad- In the name of Ummah

Yes, you heard it right, Owaisi family did orchestrate riots in Hyderabad in support of their Ummah. It happened in reaction to the infamous Mecca incident, that occurred in 1987. This incident was a clash between Shia pilgrim demonstrators and the Saudi Arabian security forces, during the Hajj pilgrimage.

On 31st July 1987, this violent incident led to the death of over 400 people. The event has been variously described as a “riot” or a “massacre”. It arose from escalating tensions between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran.

Since 1981, Iranian pilgrims used to hold aggressive annual political demonstrations against the USA and Israel. However, in 1987, a cordon of Saudi police and the Saudi Arabian National Guard had sealed part of the planned anti-Western demonstration route, which lead to a violent confrontation between the police force and the pilgrims.

This escalated into a violent clash, followed by a deadly stampede. According to several reports, the conflict depended less on the religious centrality of the site and more on political choreography. Basically, it was a Shia-Sunni clash, and India had no role in it, and for obvious reasons, there must not be any impact on India due to this incident. But something unprecedented happened and India witnessed the first Ummah specific incident on our soil.

The moment the news of the Mecca Incident broke, Owaisi’s father Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi and AIMIM started creating unrest in Hyderabad, by provoking their goons. Massive violence erupted in the southern city of Hyderabad in reaction to the seizure of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. It was propagated as an attack on Muslim ummah and AIMIM supporters started torching Hindu (Kafir) establishments and looting their shops.

However, the Mecca incident was between Muslims, but still Kafirs (Hindus) bear the burnt of the anger of so-called Ummah.

Picture Credit – Starsunfolded

The Hyderabad police were forced to take stern action, as they fired on arsonists and looters. The trouble began when crowds defied the administration’s curfew order and began to loot and set Hindus’ shops on fire.

Several people were critically injured in these organized clashes between the police and Muslim mobs. The police arrested more than 200 AIMIM members on charges of rioting.

You will be shocked to know that about 3,000 Muslim demonstrators stoned the American consulate in Calcutta, and police fought them off with tear gas and clubs. Muslim rioters also set fire to several vehicles, they even burnt several vehicles of the French consulate in the belief that they belonged to Americans.

This shows that the Azad Maidan incident was not an isolated one, it has always been happening in the same way for ages. The Muslim people, in the name of Ummah, orchestrate riots and harm Hindus on an anti-Muslim incident in other countries. Vicious people like Owaisi keep looking for such opportunities, and when they feel like inciting Muslims against Hindus, they spoil the atmosphere of the country.


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