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Muslim Ummah – How Owaisi Family incited violence against Hindus, to avenge 1987’s Mecca clashes between Muslims

Do you still remember the communal violence incident that happened at Azad Maidan in Mumbai, where a mob of Muslims rioted in the name...

Asaduddin Owaisi – Is he another Jinnah in making by invoking the 1937’s strategy of the Muslim League?

We are witnessing one of the most hard-fought elections in West Bengal, where Mamata Banerjee is facing a tough challenge from the BJP, which...

Surge of Saffronization helps in revival of Nationalist Passion in West Bengal

Are the winds of change sweeping Bengal ? Will the surge of Saffron party cause tectonic shift in the intellectual hub of the country which has been traditionally left bastion ? Will the glorious nationalistic passion resurface and strong undercurrent propel BJP to power ?


The seeds of Indian National Congress was laid by A.O.Hume in 1885 in Bombay to voice the opinion of Indian's. And during the course...

Is the rise of AIMIM led by Owaisi, going on the same path of Muslim League led by Jinnah during pre partition? Part II

Razakars—who had committed Hindu genocide, wiped villages after villages to establish Islamic State in Hyderabad during 1940s—spread their wings in ‘Bihar Assembly election 2020’...