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Is the rise of AIMIM led by Owaisi, going on the same path of Muslim League led by Jinnah during pre partition? Part II


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Razakars—who had committed Hindu genocide, wiped villages after villages to establish Islamic State in Hyderabad during 1940s—spread their wings in ‘Bihar Assembly election 2020’ and won 5 seats. In another words, Hyderabad based Asaduddin Owaisi’s All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) won five seats from Seemanchal in Bihar. 

Founded in 1926 Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM)—an organisation of Razakars led by Qasim Razvi, who had butchered Hindus unabashedly to establish Islamic state in Hyderabad during 1940s—had been banned and Razakars were disbanded after Hyderabad province was liberated in September 1948. However, Asaduddin Owaisi’s grandfather Abdul Wahed Owaisi, who was said to be close to Qasim Razvi, revived and relaunched the banned, Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) as All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) on 18 September 1957.

A Bihar politician, Chirag Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) won one of the 143 seats it contested, while Hyderabad based Razakar’s AIMIM ended up capturing 5 seats out of 20 seats it fielded. Why? Did Owaisi promise development for Bihar? Did Owaisi assure SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKAS? Had he provided cooking gas connection? Did he build homes for the poor? Did he offer jobs to unemployed youth of Bihar? The answer is NO. Owaisi talked none. Owaisi raised the issue of NRC-CAA in his campaign rallies. Does NRC-CAA have any connection with Muslims in India or especially in Bihar? Muslims in India have nothing to do with CAA-NRC. 

Why do Muslims in India protest CAA, an Act constitutionally passed by a democratically elected government in both  Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha? Why do Muslims in India get triggered by CAA, which is inconsequential to them, and end up voting for likes of Owaisis? 

Anti CAA protest is another Khilafat movement by Muslims in India. The Ottoman empire, which was part of central powers; Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, was defeated in World War I by the Allied forces comprising Britain, France, Russia, Japan and Italy. The defeat caused disintegration of Ottoman Empire and decline of caliphate, a Muslim religious ruler, who is considered to be the successor of Muhammad. Can this event in faraway Turkey be a reason for protest and unrest among Muslims in India in 1919, when telephone, mobile and social media didn’t even exist to spread the message? But India’s lacs of Muslims led by Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar created a movement against the British for trying to cripple the caliphate in Turkey.

One must understand the DNA of Muslims. Same mobs of Muslims across India didn’t create movement to free India from Britishers. Didn’t Muslims want to breathe in free India? Weren’t Muslims offended to live a subjugated life under Britishers? No, Muslims in India had no problems with Britishers ruling and enslaving India, but they felt violated, when caliphate was pulled down in faraway in Turkey, that too in 1919. It gives an impression that it is religion which rules the mind of a Muslim, not his country and constitution. 

Recently, Muslims in India protested against France and its president Emmanuel Macron after cartoon row in Paris, but the same Muslim never raised voice against Pakistan, responsible for all the bomb blasts in India. 

Asaduddin Owaisi, who is a clever lawyer, articulate and proficient in English, Hindi and Urdu, shares traits with Jinnah. Owaisi is aware of Khilafat mindset of Muslims in India. Therefore, he raised CAA-NRC issues in his election rallies to provoke Khilafat mindset of Muslims. Owaisi is aware it is absolutely fine for Muslims in India if Hindus and other minorities are oppressed and brutalised in Islamic states of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. 

Irony is that Muslims, who invaded, attacked India, destroyed thousands of temples and brutalised Hindus to convert, are second largest populations. They have minority institutions, separate commission, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, separate commission, and reservation in jobs and education. They are treated as minority even if they are majority in the state. Nevertheless, likes of Owaisis appear and brainwash Muslims that they are victims. However, Muslims in India vote Owaisis for their religion, but demand better standard of life from Indian government.

What is ringing alarm bell from Owaisi’s five seats win in Bihar is that Seemanchal region is neighbouring Nepal. India remembers the most rabid and indefensible speeches from JNU student and wire journalist, Sharjeel Imam, who had called on Muslims, “We can cut off North East from the rest of India if we are able to organise 5 lakhs Muslims. If we can not do it permanently, then we can do it for months. It is our duty to sever Assam from India, only then Government would be forced to hear us.”

Like Muslim League led by Jinnah had swept Muslim-majority constituencies in the provincial elections during pre partition days, AIMIM led by Owaisi did sweep Muslim majority areas. What is worrying is the area won by AIMIM is border area of Nepal. Can India afford to ignore rise of AIMIM led by Owaisi, who is reminding Jinnah and Muslim League pre partition?

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Razakars committed Hindu genocides to establish Islamic State in Hyderabad during 1940s. Are modern Razakars as Owaisis trying to get the same goal today politically?

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