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8th December, 2021 might as well go down in history as the blackest day in the history of post independence era India. We, as a nation have endured terror attacks of the magnitude of 26/11 Taj & Mumbai attacks and the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, genocides like the 1984 anti Sikh riots and the 1990 Kashmiri Hindu genocide, we have borne with riots and skirmishes of a large magnitude, we have withstood multiple wars with our biggest enemies, Pakistan and China and have won almost all of them, we have also witnessed the macabre killing of political leaders of our nation, including that of an incumbent Prime Minister and that of men of science. But never before have the nation been made to mourn the untimely death of a father figure, a man to whom the citizens owed their safety and security, India’s first Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Laxman Singh Rawat, in a chopper crash – something which we had to bear on this day and wished that it was nothing but a nightmare that would pass.

Unfortunately the above is the harsh reality – CDS Bipin Rawat is no more and the nation grieved as if they had lost their father. The Indian Air force Mi-17 v5 helicopter carrying CDS Rawat, his wife, Madhulika Rawat, 8 other senior officers and 4 crew members was on it’s way from Suloor Airforce Base to Wellington, where CDS Rawat was to deliver a lecture at the Defence Services Staff College (DSSC). It crashed at Coonoor, only 10 km away from it’s destination. All the 14 passengers on board died, CDS Rawat succumbed in the military hospital. The lone survivor is Group Captain Varun Singh, CDS Rawat’s liaison officer, who is battling for his life in a critical state, in hospital.
At death, it became obvious that CDS Rawat was a man whom the nation adored – Tamil Nadu, the state where he breathed his last gave him an extremely emotional farewell with chants of Veer Vanakkam. The most touching photo on social media today was that of a humble cobbler in Gujarat, who placed a garlanded photo of CDS Rawat in front of the place on the pavement, where he sat and mended shoes. The Kashmiri youths joined our Army personnel at Lal Chowk, Srinagar, to pay tribute to CDS Rawat. The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the Student’s wing of the RSS and the ruling dispensation at the Centre, the BJP, also offered tribute to CDS Rawat in their own way.

The reason for such adulation is natural. CDS Rawat, hailing from a family of many Army men, was a committed soldier, a strict disciplinarian and a commander who led by example. He started his career in the Army in 1978 and had been the hero of many battles, winning them with aplomb. He had supervised a successful cross border counter insurgency operation against the separatist outfit NSCN-K in Myanmar in June, 2015 in retaliation against the ambush of an Indian Army Convoy of 6 Dogra regiment at Chandel, Manipur. As Vice Chief of the Army Staff, he was one of the mastermind of the September 29, 2016 surgical strikes across the Line of Control in Pakistan, in retaliation against the Pakistan – sponsored terror strikes at the Army camp in Uri, killing 19 of our soldiers. He was promoted to the rank of General three months after the surgical strikes. He was also the primary strategist of the Balakot Airstrikes in 2019 in response to the terrorist attack on a CRPF convoy at Pulwama killing 40 of our CRPF personnel.

CDS Rawat had seen death from close quarters. He had a brush with destiny in February, 2015 when the Cheetah helicopter carrying him, crashed moments after take off, in Nagaland. All on board escaped with minor injuries.
CDS Rawat had identified China as India’s major enemy, ahead of Pakistan. He was the man, who coined the extremely popular ‘2.5 front’ term signifying India’s two major enemies, China and Pakistan with the 0.5 being the internal enemies who are being funded and nurtured by an ecosystem of corporate conglomerates based in the West and working in collusion with the two external aggressors to destroy our nation.

These 0.5 internal enemies are  Islamists, Naxals, Northeastern militants, anti-India NGOs, Khalistanis and some left- minded politicians and celebrities – in short. The most worrisome component of the ‘point five‘ is that they are ordinary people like you and me living amongst us without attracting a figment of suspicion into their nefarious anti India activities, from the gullible citizens around them. They could be our friends from school and college, our teachers, neighbours, colleagues, our domestic helps and sadly, some of relatives too. They get rewards in cash and kind for pushing forth the agenda of the ecosystem – something which they perform knowingly and at times unknowingly.
The groundwork for the creation of this ecosystem of internal enemies was done by the British colonial rulers of our nation when they created the Congress in 1885 to work as safety valve, thwarting any nationalist uprising of the magnitude of India’s First War of Independence in 1857. Though the British, with depleting resources, tattered by two World Wars and the strikes at their bases by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and his INA, were compelled to leave India lock, stock and barrel, they did not do so before handing over power to the J. L. Nehru-led Congress, willing to pay heed to all their machinations.

A young nation is expected to strive for all the resources and means to launch it on the path of progress. Hence, institutes of excellence like the IITs and IIMs, various quality institutions, hospitals, research centres were built. This is but natural, any ruler would have done the same. Hence there is nothing much to write home about the same. At the same time, an all out effort was made to retain India as an undeveloped Western slave or of any other foreign nation. With that intent in mind, the Communist Party of India and it’s other leftist constituents, formed during the British era with Congress help, pretending to be a part of India’s freedom struggle, but surreptitiously helping the British, were put to action. A whole lot of educated, elitist , liberal cabal of intellectuals were created with the ruling Congress’s help to push forth certain narratives – that India was a weak nation till the Islamists and later the Europeans invaded and took control of our nation and for the same a huge portion of our history pertaining to the bravery and the victories of most of the Hindu rulers were not made part of the history curriculum, that our invaders were good people, who worked towards the development of our nation, contributing in every sphere of science, arts and literature, that the Congress was a party formed for achieving independence from British rule and that Congressmen were freedom fighters, though none can think of any Congressman, who carried out any effective struggle against the British or had to sacrifice their lives for our freedom movement. Such was the perception of piety created in the minds of the quintessential Indians, about the Congress. Some amongst them, still believe that the Congress is destined to and is the only political party having the wherewithal to govern us.
The near seven decade rule of the Congress saw the iron grip of the leftist liberal intelligentsia, their ideological partners of the ecosystem, over academia, corporates, media, judiciary, civil services, art, literature, cinema and to a little extent on the Army too. Hence, we witnessed, to our utmost horror, a section of ex Army men rejoice at the death of CDS Rawat, alongwith the radical Islamists and leftists.

The cabal of the leftist liberals, in cahoots with the ruling Congress and the Communists, used their clout over the various institutions they belonged to in whitewashing India’s glorious past, it’s cultural ethos, as enunciated in the ancient and revered texts – the Veds, the purans, the Upanishads and the epics because going back to them would imply getting hold of the key to India’s glory in the fields of science, medicine, arts, literature and others, which would enable our nation to be self reliant. A group of easily corruptible mercenaries were created, who cared nothing for the nation or it’s people and who were willing to create anarchy and mayhem in our country, hitting at it’s very roots, just for a few breadcrumbs or fast money.

The advent of the Narendra Modi -led nationalist government in India became a major cause of worry for the ecosystem because in PM Modi, we had a man, to whom our nation came ahead of everything, someone who is incorruptible, someone who is focused and hell bent on making India self reliant, which he did by stressing on ‘Make In India’ to embark on a never before scheme of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, achieving one success after another. The biggest success story of atmanirbhart Bharat was that of India manufacturing it’s own Covid vaccines, much to the chagrin of the ecosystem and it’s most powerful pharma lobby which had, all along used this ‘developing’ nation of nearly 140 cr people as a dumping ground for even it’s obsolete drugs. CDS Rawat was one of the key people in the ‘Make in India’ venture, who had played a pivotal role in making of our defence equipment indigenously. This caused a ripple amongst the corrupt handlers of earlier defence deals shattering their hopes of continuing to make fast easy money through the same by putting our nation’s safety and security at stake.
The external aggressors can easily be put to rest by beating them at war or by means of surgical strikes on their territory – methods which had brought us success in the past and by CDS Rawat’s own words, handed over such a lesson to Pakistan that they would understand that pushing terrorists into our territory at their own sweet will won’t be easy for them. But neutralizing the ‘point five’ our internal enemies is an uphill task – unfortunately they are Indian citizens, living amongst us, they have voting rights and some even do pay their taxes. CDS Rawat again, was a significant constituent of the think tank to deal with our internal enemies.
We have observed the kind of mayhem that our internal enemies, backed by foreign funds and guidance, can wreck on us, by the violent nature of the anti CAA movement, wherein innocent Hindus were killed by them and properties were razed and also the Farm Bilk protests backed by the Khalistanis, wherein some naive farmers were also brainwashed and way led. Currently the most prominent name, who might as well be considered as the ecosystem boss , is that of the Hungary born American Business Tycoon, George Soros, who claims to be ‘philanthropist’ and a ‘ climate activist’ and, in the garb of being the pioneer of such ‘humanitarian’ activities crushes nationalism in any nation, using his paid ‘employees’ and ‘agents’ as his army. His primary target now is the world’s largest democracy, India, which is giving him sleepless nights, having moved away from the Congress-created perception of inferiority and failure to face upto the West and moving fast towards the path of self- reliance, shrugging off dependence on the West and thus bypassing predatory overtures on it’s economy. All this happened with the ascent of the Narendra Modi-led nationalist NDA government to power in India seven years back. This compelled him to come out of his bubble and openly threaten the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi like a neighbourhood goon in 2020, that he will go all out to overthrow his government to fight the rise of ‘Hindu Nationalism’. PM Modi’s retort came a few days back during the ‘Constitution Day’ meet warning such forces and their agents in India against their anti developmental activities in the garb of social work.

Going by the above, it is apparent that CDS Rawat had become a nemesis for our internal enemies, casting a spanner on all their destructive designs. Hence, having him out of their way would immensely help them. The way the leftists, Islamists and Congress supporters shamelessly expressed their glee at his death, on social media, deepens the suspicion against the cabal.
The weather at Coonoor yesterday was definitely not the best for flying, as is evident from the videos available of the fateful incident. But the expert opinions of the ex military personnel is that the Mi -17 V5 helicopters are the latest ones available and are well built to handle rough weather. This coupled with the fact that CDS Rawat and his convoy’s tragic death was preceded by two incidents of fatal attacks on our Army personnel – the ambush at Manipur where a colonel, his wife and son were among the seven who were martyred in early November and the attack on our Army personnel of the Assam rifles, by civilians at Nagaland on December 5, raise a lot of eyebrows questioning yesterday’s incident as a mere freak one or a sabotage. It is a common belief that the ecosystem, with China in tow is trying hard to revive insurgency in the Northeast and Punjab, in order to destabilize the Modi government and our internal enemies are providing them with cannon fodder for the same. The fact that CDS Rawat’s death bears an uncanny similarly with the death of Taiwanese Chief of General Staff, Shen Yi Ming, in January, 2020 also reinforce the suspicion of sabotage because both CDS Rawat and Chief Ming were well known to give befitting replies to China – the sworn enemy of their respective nations.
Though it is too early and ill founded to comment on the reason behind yesterday’s chopper crash, specially when investigation into the same is going on, it is logical for anyone to think beyond the usual when one loses someone so dear so unnaturally, specially with our vicious internal enemies, ‘the point five’ lurking everywhere.


  1. It’s time for the iron glove.Democracy is a failed experiment .Now what we need is a one party rule for let’s say 5 decades.Time is enough to weed out any internal threat.


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