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“Hindu sentiments can not be taken for granted,” VHP Spokesperson Shriraj Nair challenges to OTT platforms and comedians


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Hindus never fixed a barricade to protect its faith even if they were persecuted for centuries by foreign invaders. Hindus never built “Hindu Rashtra” after partition even if the foreign invaders claimed a huge part of land of India to declare faith of foreign invaders, in the form of two countries; ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ and ‘Bangladesh with Islam as its state religion.’ After independence Hindus pronounced to all the foreign religions let’s “co exist, let’s be secular,” even if Hindus were inflicted inhuman brutalities, killed and converted in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Oppression of Hindus continued in India also, when Hindus in Kashmir were brutally massacred and thrown out of valley. Even today, Kashmiri Hindus are living as refugees in their own country. 

Despite unspeakable amount of suppression and injustice perpetuated against Hindus, anti Hindu narrative with blatant bias is carried out by none other than Bollywood in the garb of freedom of expression to defame and denigrate Hindus. After movies, it is web series, which are streamed to establish anti Hindu propaganda. Patal Lok, the web series depicts Muslim criminals as Hindu, that too Bramhin, who does pooja without fail. Main culprit was Mohammed Shorabuddin, who was shown as Gwala Gujjar. Gwala Gujjar was helping hand of Vajpayee in series, while in reality Shorabuddin was helping hand of Lalu Prasad Yadav. ISI link was reality where in series, it was proved CBI made false case just to close the case. One criminal was shown as Muslim, but he was given benefit of doubt and sympathy. Another series “Krishna and His Leela” shows a male character having sexual encounters with several women and one of the women named Radha. The audacity to target Hindu deities with an erotic content Is committed with complete impunity. Such web series with anti hindu propaganda are flooded online. 

Question arises. Is there one Hindu or group, who stand up against blatant bias, negative narratives, defamation and anti Hindu propaganda? One man, who raised his voice against anti Hindu propaganda, is Shriraj Nair, the VHP Spokesperson. After issuing a statement warning web series makers against anti-Hindu content Shriraj Nair has written a letter to Netflix cautioning of both a legal battle and street agitations. He cited five web series Leila, Ghoul, Chippa, Sacred Games and Krishna & His Leela with names of producers and directors, who selectively targeted Hindu religion portraying it derogatorily. While speaking to Sujit Nair, Shri Raj Nayar asked, Do you know what happened to Charlie Hebdo just because of one cartoon? He asked, was even a stone pelted despite Hindu were shown in almost porn type of movie? 

After claiming Pakistan and Bangladesh to establish Islam, Mosque in India defies Bombay High Court judgement, which orders to remove loudspeakers from mosques that do not have requisite permission for the same in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. However, on 24 June, when a 25 years old student, Karishma Bhosale visited the Noori Ilahi Sunni Welfare Association’s mosque in Mankhurd with a request to reduce the volume of Azaan, which blares through the loudspeakers installed in the neighbourhood, she was heckled and intimidated by Muslim residents. Shriraj Nair came forward to extend full support to the brave girl Karishma Bhosle. Vishwa Hindu Parishad Legal Cell and Bajrangdal convenor accompanied Karishma to the DCP zone 6 Chembur to lodge a formal complaint. 

However, instead of asking mosque to remove loudspeaker, which was disturbing girl’s studies, when Mumbai Police issued a notice to Karishma Bhosale and her mother, Shriraj Nair met with the honourable Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiyariji to tell him about illegal Loudspeaker issue at Mankurd. 

Irfan Pathan is former cricketer, that highlights a fact that he with his brother, Yusuf Pathan, were selected in Indian cricket team without any discrimination. When, Pathan brothers performed at cricket field, India didn’t hesitate to shower adulation and admiration. After Pathan brothers earned name, fame and fortune, suddenly Irfan Pathan accuses non Muslims of India of being racist. He tweeted: “Racism is not restricted to the colour of skin. Not allowing to buy a home in a housing society just because you have a different faith is a part of racism too…” Instead of being politically correct, Shriraj Nair asked if Muslims are living in Mars and Jupiter? How conveniently, Irfan Pathan forgot what happened to Hindus in Kashmir and Mewat, which have become Hindu free places. 

Anti-Hindu lobby is very well organized, which is well funded, and politically connected to project Hindus in bad light. Irony is one can not crack jokes on Islam, but Hindus are intolerant. Last rites of terrorists are glorified with huge attendance, but Hindus are communal. India needs more vocal like leader like Shriraj Nair, who can raise his voice against continuous injustice inflicted upon Hindus. 


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