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Deepak Chopra, another evangelist behind facade of Indian American spiritual guru?


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“So powerful and different were the words Jesus spoke that Mahatma Gandhi carried the sermon’s ideas with him at all times and lived its message to the letter,“ said author and spiritual guru, Deepak Chopra in an interview in Houston in March 2008. Mention of Mahatma Gandhi evokes deep respect and national pride among Indians, as he is credited to play a major role to free India from Britishers. Did Mahatma Gandhi ever propagate Jesus? The answer is NO. But, a manipulative mind, Deepak Chopra attached Mahatma Gandhi with Jesus to overwhelm even logical minds in India. Therefore, next time, if you don’t use the mighty power of wisdom, if you don’t apply faculty of reasoning, when you read or listen to heavyweight celebrity like Deepak Chopra, he can mesmerise you with his fascinating words to get you carried away from your real self and convert. 

Deepak Chopra went on to use Mahatma Gandhi to spread Abrahamic religion very discreetly, when he insisted, “Mahatma Gandhi was not even a Christian; he was a very orthodox Hindu, but he lived the Sermon on the Mount, and this bald, frail man brought down the British Empire without firing a bullet.” Here Deepak Copra interweaves two propaganda—India got freedom without firing a bullet and Mahatma Gandhi lived the Sermon on the Mount—together. What about freedom fighters who were hanged till death, what about those unsung heroes who were shot dead alive in Jaliyanwala Bagh by Britishers? Did Mahatma Gandhi ever live the Sermon on the Mount to free India from Britishers? 

Meet 74 years old Deepak Chopra, who is an Indian American author, spiritual Guru and alternative medicine advocate. Born in 1946, in New Delhi, Deepak Chopra studied medicine and graduated from “All India Institute of Medical Science” in 1969. He emigrated to United States after getting married. Then, Indian government had banned its doctors from appearing for the exam needed to practice in the United States. Therefore, Deepak Chopra had to travel to Sri Lanka to appear for the exam to practice in US. After he passed, Deepak Chopra flew to US to practice in New Jersey, where doctors were being recruited to replace those serving in Vietnam. 

Before moving to United States Deepak Chopra had spent his first six months as a doctor working in rural India, “where there used to be power failure, whenever it rained,” as he himself said. One can visualise that 1970 was the era when India was not as medically facilitated as it is today. India was in dire need of doctors and medical facilities then. If you decode his career move in United States, Deepak Chopra left his people—who needed his service—and country for his own pure self interest after his country provided him with high education in India. Today, Deepak Chopra, the spiritual Guru, teaches how to maintain Positive Mind VS Quiet Mind during Corona. Did Deepak Chopra feel positive and quiet mind in his own head, when he had abandoned underprivileged and poor people in rural India, where lights went out, whenever it rained, to lead a privileged life for himself? Irony is that selfish people like Deepak Chopra turns Guru later in his life, and society doesn’t even question him if he had fulfilled his basic duty towards his people and his nation. 

Deepak Chopra came to know about Jesus when he was a young boy. His teachers were the Irish Christian brothers, a Roman Catholic lay organisation, because of them he read the Bible “thousands of times. Chopra says that he does not belong to any religion. He is not a Christian, a Buddhist or a Hindu. He further insists he believe in a secular spirituality. But, during his Secular Spiritual Speech, he speaks, he promotes, he propagates nothing but Jesus. Therefore, Secular Spiritual Speech is to exploit secular and liberal minds. 

In 2010, Deepak Chopra had suggested that Yoga didn’t have its origin in “Sanatan Dharma” but in older spiritual traditions. When Hindu American Foundation criticised Chopra, his words twisted that “yoga was rooted in “consciousness alone” interpreted by Vedic Rishis long before historic Hinduism ever arose. How subtly Deepak Chopra demeaned the glory of Sanatan Dharma, which gifted Yoga to the world.

Deepak Chopra is not a pastor, he is neither a preacher nor a healer. But, isn’t Deepak Chopra with a Hindu name, an evangelist in a facade behind spiritual Guru and alternative medicine advocate? Because, every word he speaks, every book he has written serve no purpose but to promote Jesus, spread Abrahamic and degrade and belittle Sanatan Dharma. 

Sources: https://www.chron.com/life/houston-belief/article/Deepak-Chopra-says-Christ-s-teachings-reach-1675413.php


  1. I may not agree with Deepak Chopra, i also cannot accept the fact that he as also his Guru bhai Ravi Shankar left their Guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and for years would not mention his name. One of them even feel he was enlightened in his teens, long before he met the Guru – yet i would not make allegations such as mentioned in this article.

    This kind of allegations will only weaken the Sanatani Society. If there are certain doubts, the writer should had interviewed him first before penning down anything.

    Namaskar 🙏🏼


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