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‘Biased’ Foreign Correspondents’ Club & Press Club Of India targets Vivek Agnihotri, canceled his press conference


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Ever since the film ‘The Kashmir Files‘ has been released, it has broken the backbone of propaganda created by the Leftist-Liberal cabal. The movie was released in March and is based on the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus from the Valley in the 1990s.

Since the announcement of the film, it was the constant target of leftists, even before its release several news channels and portals printed its negative reviews.

When the film came out, initially they said it was a half-baked truth, they call it a nefarious attempt to malign the Muslims, called it an outright lie, and also portray it as a handiwork of the central government. However, the people appreciated this movie and created a mass-movement sort of phenomenon, which turned this movie into one of the biggest grossing films of this year.

More than earning, this film will be known for awakening the public consciousness, due to which the leftist liberals are not very pleased with this film and its director Vivek Agnihotri. This entire cabal is leaving no chance to defame him and the movie, sometimes Wikipedia publishes wrong facts about his film, whereas the leftist portal Mathrubhumi shows a highly edited interview to create a distorted narrative.

Taking this ideological fight to the next level, now the Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) in Delhi has canceled his “press conference” scheduled for May 5 at the club. In a video on social media, Agnihotri called it an “unusual, shocking and extremely undemocratic thing”.

Agnihotri said in a video posted on Twitter: “A few days back, Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora informed me that the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in New Delhi was very keen to host me for a press conference as many foreign media wanted to talk to me about The Kashmir Files and the truth of the Kashmiri Hindu genocide. A press conference was fixed for May 5 at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in New Delhi at 7 pm.”

Agnihotri claimed that “all logistics, arrangements, and invites were made, but to my shock, yesterday I received a call from their president saying that the event has to be canceled as some very powerful media have taken strong objection to this conference and have threatened to resign en masse if it is allowed. The club’s management surrendered to agenda-driven, anti-free speech and anti-truth media houses and canceled the press conference in an undemocratic manner,”.

He added: “This is perhaps the first time that the messiahs and watchdogs of free speech have banned free speech in their own club. Since then I have received calls from many democratic India and foreign correspondents who want this press conference but the club management refused to listen to their demands.”

An “open-house press conference” would be held instead at the Press Club of India on May 5, he said. Vivek Agnihotri approached the Press Club of India (PCI) and made necessary bookings for the press conference. However, to his utter shock, even the PCI canceled his event and gave an absurd excuse for the same.

A surprised and baffled Agnihotri tweeted, “Wow! Press Club of India also canceled me. The watchdogs of democracy and messiah of free speech not only banned me undemocratically but are also lying through their teeth.” He was quoting a May 3 tweet of PCI where they had claimed that Press Conferences at their premises are allowed only with advance booking that too done through a member of the Club.

Agnihotri added a few screenshots to that his agency had made a booking at PCI for his press conference. There was a letter from Zee Studios in which it was mentioned that the agency had been booking PCs at PCI regularly. A person named Jitendra did confirm that the club was available on the required date and time.

However, when this time they sent an associate for the booking, Jitendra did not meet her and later stopped picking up the call. He also shared call details showing Jitender was called multiple times but he decided not to reply. A receipt added in the tweet showed the booking was done in March without any issues.

Agnihotri came really hard on this conspiracy. He tweeted that these anti-free speeches, anti-Truth, agenda-driven elite clubs flourish on Govt’s sprawling properties in Lutyen’s Delhi. It’s time for us to expose these arrogant cheats.

Vivek later announced an alternate venue and time for the press conference.

Picture Credit – Vivek Agnihotri

Well, we are pretty much sure that Vivek Agnihotri will successfully conduct this press conference tomorrow, and he will utilize this opportunity to debunk several other propaganda and malice spread by the leftist-liberal cabal against Hindus.

Meanwhile, our sincere advice to the propagandists, is that they should refrain from attacking Vivek Agnihotri, as the more they will try to suppress him, the more they will be getting exposed.


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