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Is Arvind Kejriwal brewing a ‘Sri Lanka’ Type Crisis in Delhi & Punjab?

Sri Lanka is witnessing the worst ever crisis in its history so far. The Nation is also on the brink of a financial breakdown...

Big News – India’s forex reserves rise by $394 million to $631.92 billion

Amid volatile economic conditions in the world, India has got a big shot in the arm on this front. India's foreign exchange reserves rose...

Big News – India to show V-Shape recovery, FY22 GDP expected to grow at 9.2%

Amid the gloomy situation due to the 3rd wave of COVID, India has received a massive boost on the Economics front. the First Advance...

Narsimha Rao – Father of India’s Economic Liberalisation

Remembering the Father of India’s Economic Liberalisation and Development – Former Prime Minister PV Narsimha Rao, on his centennial birth anniversary. He inherited a...

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