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American Media- White Man’s Bluff


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Who takes you seriously in India?

There is no doubt India is a land of diverse cultures, a mélange of around two dozen official languages spreading across the length and breadth of the country and almost every Indian in a population of 1.4 Billion, 1,405.2 million speaks and understands at least one such language. Comparatively US is a measly 331 million.

Two newspapers from the US, Washington Post and New York Times create maximum anti India rhetoric. God alone knows why. But this is their agenda hidden or otherwise. The below paragraph proves the point. No hidden agenda now, gloves are off.

The New York Times‘ search for a South Asia business correspondent based in India recently caused an uproar, with the organization being accused of looking for a candidate with “anti-Modi”, “anti-India” biases.

Here’s the specific paragraph from the job posting that caused the furor:

India’s future now stands at a crossroads. Mr. Modi is advocating a self-sufficient, muscular nationalism centered on the country’s Hindu majority. That vision puts him at odds with the interfaith, multicultural goals of modern India’s founders. The government’s growing efforts to police online speech and media discourse have raised difficult questions about balancing issues of security and privacy with free speech. Technology is both a help and a hindrance.”

Come on bro what is your problem and do you have the face to question us when you have a black gory past? You Americans were the ones who gave blankets infected with Small Pox to Red Indians to eliminate them. You ill-treat Blacks who contribute immensely to your medal tally in Olympics. You have toppled more than 50 governments across the world shamelessly. You have no scruples. Slaves were sold and traded by you! And you are meddling in our affairs. Lay off. We are a 5000 year old civilization with rich culture and you- just over 200 years. Your culture is found in yogurt only. So just keep quiet.

The world is fed-up of you. Once again you are back to your own tricks. Zelensky the standup comedian president of Ukraine has been taken for a ride. Americans play good snooker/billiards and score a point with a cannon shot on the table. You never get involved with anyone and as cowards use others to fight and fulfill your objectives. When you invaded Iraq on the plea of WMD bogie you fooled close to 28 nations to collaborate with you. Thirty-six countries were involved in its aftermath. You found nothing in Iraq- not a blade of grass that resembled a WMD. You are upsetting everyone yet once again by pumping weapons and Emotional rhetoric with entire Europe, EU, UN and NATO.  Zelensky thinks he is a media hero- poor guy is getting his people killed for nothing. You as usual are selling your arms and I will not be surprised that after this conflict is over you will sign up contracts to rebuild Ukraine or what is left of it. Yours is a classic case of one white man fooling the other white man. It is not funny to watch the entire Europe foolishly going again with your old tricks. I thought Brits and the French and Germans had more sense but America is great, it can brain wash the whole of European continent. You are whiter than the original whites. Good luck to them.

But don’t try these tricks with us. From 2003 to 2022 a lot has happened and India is not what it was two decades ago. We have a very sharp, seasoned and an intelligent minister of External affairs and he minces no words- he minces the guy sitting opposite though- we are proud of that and he has the backing of the Prime Minister who has the backing of 1.4 billion of us- so back off.

Your sleazy press

People in India read news in their own vernacular language. That is a big plus. They are the ones who count in every way you can think of.

‘Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted‘ said Einstein

And this applies to the present Geopolitical situation and specifically to India as a powerful nation.

How many read NY times or Washington Post in India? Not many. And the number is so insignificant that it is like a dirty fly sitting on a big watermelon. I don’t care for your circulation within America. It doesn’t really matter as with NY Times and Washington post in existence for over a century Americans still get Donald Trump and then replace him with Joe Biden! That much credence for your media and credibility of creating a public opinion. Thank you.

Indians read papers in their own language and let me quote some figures to open your eyes and educate you.

Dinik Jagran with a readership of 5.59 cr, (US population is 30.31 crore), it has been the largest read daily of India for the last consecutive 21 rounds of the Indian Readership Survey (IRS). With 37 editions, Dainik Jagran covers 11 states of India. It has also been declared by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) as the largest read daily in the world. It is 20% of your entire American population!

Today, Dainik Bhaskar Group another Biggy is present in 12 States with 65 editions in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati and has a circulation of 4,579,051 daily.

What needs to be done to fix you quickly?

Since very few read the American papers it shouldn’t really bother us. The fault is of our media too. Our press, TV etc. overplay these reports. They propagate their messaging to suite the local narrative of the day which they want to push according to their masters who pay their salaries. If Indian media scuttles the American press more than 80% of their steam will get dampened. It can be a voluntary act or a dictate from the government.

Buy out their papers!

Market cap of New York Times is 6.38 billion Dollars and Washington post a little more than 8.55 billion dollars. When Elon musk can buy Twitter for $ 44 billion why our big Industry houses don’t look at a buyout. I am not at all sure how it can be done or can it be done at all, but this is just a thought. Let Tata bid.

‘Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.’                                                                                       Jim Morrison

Virender Kapoor
Virender Kapoor
Virender is an Indian who wears many hats. An educationist of repute, Masters in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, he also holds an MA in International relations. He was the Director of a prestigious management Institute under the Symbiosis umbrella. He has emerged as a leading think tank in human behavior, motivation and success. As a celebrity author, his name appears with the likes of Thomas Friedman and Dale Carnegie. His books are now available in eight regional and foreign languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati ,Telegu , Malayalam , Tamil, Punjabi and Vietnamese He has authored more than 36 books as of now which are on Amazon worldwide and several of his books are in the pipeline.


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