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Hindu shopkeeper claims Bangladeshi immigrants have wreaked havoc on Hindus; Muslim woman objects to “Jai Shree Ram” chants


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Radical Islamist mobs have been routinely attacking the Hindus during every religious procession in recent times. We cannot ignore that stone-pelting by radical Islamists which had once defined the militant activities in Kashmir has spread like cancerous cells throughout Bharat. Violence flared up in multiple states during the Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti celebrations as hordes of Islamist mobs launched stones at the Hindu devotees during the processions.

After the anti-Hindu party assumed power in the capital city, Delhi has seen a constant demographic as more and more Rohingya infiltrators and illegally immigrated Bangladeshi Muslims started settling in the city.

This demographic change and an increasing number of Rohingyas and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants have resulted in immense distress for the Hindus. The Hindus are forced to evacuate areas dominated by the Rohingya and Illegal Bangladeshi population. Attacks on their businesses and harassment of their women have also increased after the mass migration of the Rohingyas and Bangladeshi illegals.

A video shared on Twitter shows a local small business owner detailing the atrocities meted out at them by the rioters. He claims that these are all Bangladeshi Muslims and shares that they attacked and vandalized the Indian flag. These miscreants had also pelted stones at the idol of Lord Hanuman and then marched ahead, he said. These radicals had also broken down his shop, he informed while showing the signs of vandalism. “We didn’t do anything to them. But they came here and tore down our shops. We are fed up with them.”

“Our sisters and daughters cannot safely pass from that area,” said the tormented shopkeeper. He further informed about a vegetable market located in the C-block area where the Hindu women bought their vegetables from. But the Bangladeshi Muslims have made their lives hellish there as well. They harass, tease and molest the Hindu daughters and sisters, and snatch their mobile phones whenever they can. He also grieved that nobody in Hindustan had listened to them despite making several requests and complaints.

“We are Hindustani. We live in Hindustan. Nobody wants to listen to us. These people are the outsiders. These Rohingyas have infiltrated India from Bangladesh. But all their concerns are given careful listen.”

Sharing further about the criminal acts by Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Muslims in the Jahangiri area, the victimized shopkeeper asserts that from selling charas and weed, there is no such single crime that these radicals do not commit. “They are thieves, miscreants, and a bunch of thugs. They are all nomads; the kind we have never seen or heard of in Hindustan,”

Many reports about the Jahangirpuri clash by leftists media houses claimed an existing fight between the two communities and that the Hindus had tried to place the Indian tricolour on top of a mosque. However, the claims made by the shopkeeper annul all these claims. He verified that when the Hindus took out the rath yatra of Lord Hanuman, these radicals hurled stones at the idol. This stone-pelting by the anti-Hindu mob had triggered the mayhem. At least 60 people, including a policeman, were injured and admitted to the hospital.

The shop owner further informs that the Bangladeshi Muslims settled in the Jahangiripuri area have always betrayed such violent tendencies.

The Hindus are being tormented and assaulted in their own country just because they are Hindus. These Islamist settlements have forced the Hindus out of this area. Many Hindus have left the Block C area; the lanes abandoned by scared Hindu families are now populated by Bangladeshi Muslims. He confirms that this is not a one-time occurrence but a long-time problem in this area.

His narration also reveals that the Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants have set up a Chor Bazar in the Jahangirpuri area where they sell their stolen items. They run this place as Sunday Bazar. They have blocked roads to set up this Bazar. There is also a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali in the area; the Bangladeshi illegals have started selling their stolen goods near the temple.

Apart from this, a video clip of a report done by a local news channel shows a Muslim woman in that area objecting, vehemently and wildly, at the procession. She is seen justifying the attack on the Hindu procession by stating, “Why are they playing DJ so loudly near our Masjid.. why are they chanting Jai Shri Ram… No one will tolerate this.”

Many netizens who have seen this clip claim that this woman is a Bangladeshi Muslim. Some Indian Bengalis have also identified her accent as a Bangladeshi one. It is appalling to realize that the illegal Bangladeshi Muslims are now directing terms at the Hindu citizens of India. After leashing out violence at Bangladeshi Hindus during the Durga Puja last year, they are currently on a mission to stop Hindu celebrations in the natural home of the Hindus, India.

The Hindu procession was being carried out from a street; while a mosque can be a Muslim establishment, the roads are built by the government on the Hindus’ tax money.

We have reached the scary times when a Muslim woman, perhaps a Bangladeshi who has illegally entered India, is demanding that the Hindus should take out religious processions from the streets made from their wealth. These are indeed challenging times for the Hindus.


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