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US-based Pakistani Jamaat fronts – Use Human Rights as a weapon to Defame India and exploit our social Fault Lines


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We are living in a fragile world, where every democratic or moral concept could be misused by Leftist and Islamic cabal to thwart their adversaries. Human rights are one such concept, which is universal in nature and often asserts that these rights are expressive of Western mores, norms, and values.

It is said that the concept of Human Rights was originated in the West, it reflects the Western interests, and that’s why used as a weapon of cultural hegemony to spread a new form of imperialism across the world.

If we talk about India, then you see how the western countries, some NGOs, and big institutions keep trying to tarnish the image of India by raising the issue of human rights. Be it UNHRC, foreign NGOs, or well-known research organizations, they keep targeting and defaming India on human rights issues and India put all its strength into countering these allegations.

Here the irony is that these nations or groups espouse the universalist language of human rights, but actually they utilize this weapon to defend highly particularist causes: that means the rights and welfare of specific national groups or classes of persons or minorities.

Today we will talk about numerous US-based Pakistani Jamaat fronts, that have weaponized the Human Rights issue to exploit Indian democracy. They try their best to create and exploit the fault-line lying in Indian society in the name of liberty and rights. Unfortunately, most Indians are not aware of their truth.

One such front is Justice for All (JFA), which is a Chicago-based organization. It was founded in 1999 by a Pakistani national Abdul Malik Mujahid, who was a former Head (1975-77) of Jamiat-e-Talaba (Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan’s youth wing).

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

JFA is the hotbed of anti-India narratives and activities. It has created numerous fronts in name of possibly all Indian rights issues to create and exploit the fault lines in Indian society.

Picture Credit – JFA

Its primary objective is to defame India and label it as a fascist and Islamophobic nation.

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

JFA runs a nefarious project in the name of SaveIndia, allegedly to fight fascism in India. This project was conceived by JFA & IAMC founder Shaik Ubaid, and initially, it was launched as a networking website for US-based Muslims. However, later they renamed it Save India.

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

Burma Task Force (BTF) is another JFA project run by Shaik Ubaid to target India. He has hired a US lobby firm Fidelis Govt Relations (FGR) to orchestrate numerous lies against India and its sole objective is to get India blacklisted by USCIRF. BTF has been involved in collecting funds in the name of Rohingyas and Uyghurs, and they have paid a whopping $267K to Fidelis Govt Relations (FGR) to carry out these malicious activities against India.

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

JFA has another project ‘Free Kashmir’, which works in tandem with Pakistan Spy agency ISI and other radical Islamist Jamaat such as ‘Stand With Kashmir’ and ISI operatives Ghulam Nabi Fai.

JFA and ‘Stand With Kashmir’ came together to mount a rapid response against the abrogation of Article 370 by the Indian Government, they orchestrated a campaign ‘Free Kashmir’ to advocate for the people of Kashmir. The initial act of this campaign was to organize a series of provocative protests in front of various Indian government buildings and embassies across the United States on Tuesday, 7 August.

JFA is supported by another front Islamist group ‘Sound Vision’. It was also founded by Mujahid in 1988 when he was associated with the group of radical Islamists ‘Islamic Circle of North America’ (ICNA).

It has been established as a non-profit entity, which creates educational (read radical Islamists) programs for Muslims in a variety of media.

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

The ICNA is the Jamaat offshoot in the USA, which acts as a platform to connect all Islamist fronts in the US. ICNA was founded by the Jamaat, being inspired by a similar front of the Muslim Brotherhood called the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

The Pakistani Core Group behind JFA

Well, the core group behind JFA comprises of Pakistani-origin Jamaat-linked individuals such as Md. Yunus, Hena Zuberi, Kalim Farooki, Taha Ghayyur, Md. Khalid Riyaz to name a few. The only prominent Indian member in JFA is SIMI founder Ahmadullah Siddiqi.

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

Hena Zuberi, who is the Director of JFA, working as an alleged ‘journalist’, is the cousin of retired Pakistani Army Colonel Kaleem Zuberi. She has also been associated with Afia Foundation, which was set up to defend Aafia Siddiqui aka #LadyAlQaeda, who aided the 9/11 attacks mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

For obvious reasons, the JFA has hidden all its links with Pakistan in its revamped website, but the archives gave us credible information. JFA’s initial website used to redirect to ‘pak.gov.net-Kashmir‘ of the Pakistani Government. It used to host a ‘Kashmir’ section, which endorsed JeI thinktank- Islamabad Policy Studies & http://YesPakistan.Org

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

http://YesPakistan.Org is a lobby front set up by Pakistani ex-pats in the US in the 1970s to influence the US body politics. It also shares the same Kashmir toolkit used by the JFA. It is run by Human Development Foundation, which is founded and managed by retired Pak army officials.

Picture Credit – DisInfo Lab

The JFA and its core Jamaats are indulged in demolishing the image of India and creating nefarious propaganda to pin down India on international platforms. Other than denting the humanitarian and secular image of India, the JFA remains busy raising funds to sponsor big villas, lavish tours, business class travels, and 5-star events for their important assets. They use these funds to sponsor the migration and education of Pakistani assets and Army officers’ children in the USA, all in the name of protecting the so-called Human Rights.

Despite being founded and run by all Pakistani members, the JFA doesn’t raise a single human rights concern of Pakistan. They never speak about the suppression of Balochs and Muhajirs inside their country, and forget about the apathy of the minorities of Pakistan. They are only worried about India, that is their game plan.


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