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Shocking – A Hindu man was lynched to death in Hyderabad for marrying a Muslim woman


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A 26-year-old Dalit man, Billipuram Nagaraju, was brutally beaten and stabbed to death on a busy road in Saroornagar in Hyderabad, for marrying a woman from the Muslim community against their family’s wishes. Nagaraju was beaten and stabbed to death by his Muslim wife’s brother and relatives.

The shocking incident took place at around 9 pm on Wednesday, May 4. The couple who were traveling on their two-wheeler was pursued by the woman’s brother and another relative on a bike. The perpetrators then obstructed the couple and hit the victim with an iron rod on his head and also attacked him with a knife.

On camera, Nagaraju soon appeared lifeless, his head a bloodied mass, as his wife screamed for help. In one video, Sulthana was seen lunging at one of the attackers, trying to stop another strike at Nagaraju. Witnesses rushed at the attacker then, hitting him and chasing him off. She later identified the attacker as her brother.

When onlookers tried to stop them, they were threatened, police said. Nagaraju immediately succumbed to the blows. The victim belongs to the Mala community, categorized as Scheduled Caste in the state.

While the police say that two men were behind the attack, Syed Ashrin Sulthana, the victim’s wife, said that five men were involved in the attack. Ashrin told the media that they were in a relationship since Class 10, and despite Nagaraju approaching her family and expressing his intention to marry her, they declined the proposal. “He even told my mother that he will convert to Islam, but still they never accepted the proposal,”.

While Nagaraju is a native of Marpalle in the Rangareddy district, Ashrin hails from the neighboring Ghanapur village in the same district. As Ashrin’s parents did not agree to their proposal, the couple got married on January 31 this year in an Arya Samaj ceremony in Hyderabad. 

After their marriage, the couple was living in Panjala Anil Kumar Colony in Saroornagar, and Nagaraju was working as a car salesman. However, suspecting that they were being followed by Ashrin’s family members, the couple had shifted to Visakhapatnam for a brief period, according to reports. They returned to the city just five days ago. 

Assistant Commissioner of Police, LB Nagar zone, P Sreedhar Reddy said, “The woman’s brother and her relative had found the residence of the couple. The victim was attacked with an iron road and knife.

“They killed my husband in the middle of the street. Five people attacked. My brother and others. There was nobody to help us. I begged everyone. They killed him in front of my eyes,” Sulthana, dazed with grief, told reporters today.

“Why did people come if they couldn’t do anything? They only watched. It happens before their eyes, someone being killed, can’t people see? I fell on him so I could save him. But they pushed me away. They hit him with iron rods and broke his head.”

The police have registered a case under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Speaking to TNM, Saroornagar Inspector K Seetharam said, “The motive is clear. They killed the victim because he belonged to a different religion. A preliminary investigation revealed that two persons were involved in the incident. We are conducting further investigation.”

BJP demands justice for the victim

Meanwhile, this issue created a mild tension in the area when BJP activists started protesting and demanding justice for the victim. The protesting BJP activists demanded that the accused should be promptly punished.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA T Raja has condemned the gruesome killing of the 25-year-old Nagaraju in Hyderabad, by saying that people of a certain community are being “particularly targeted”. He also asked the city’s commissioner to investigate the murder case and take strict action against the accused. On Wednesday night, a 25-year-old Hindu man was murdered in the Saroornagar area of Hyderabad, allegedly for marrying a Muslim woman.

Is this Ganga-Jamuni Tehjeeb?

This incident exposes the hollowness of “Ganga Jamuni Tehjeeb” and the so-called Pseudo Secularism preached by the people of the Muslim community. They advocate inter-religious marriage only if the girl is Hindu and the boy is Muslim, the moment the situation is vice versa, they simply take such steps to murder Hindu boys.

We have seen numerous such incidents in the recent past, where Muslim families have murdered Hindu boys. The question here is, how long such a one-sided Ganga-Jamuni tehjeeb can sustain? Will Muslim leaders like Owaisi speak on this issue? I guess you know the answer.


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