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Manish Sharma


Trump says it LOUD and CLEAR – “China caused a great damage to USA and the World”

US President Trump is known for his outspoken and frank attitude, he never hesitates to put things in correct perspective. Today while upping the...

Big News – Thousands of Indian Army Officers got permanent Citizenship of J&K

On 5th August 2019, the history and future of Jammu and Kashmir was changed forever. Until last year, state of Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed...

An anti-Indian Event organizer, Darling of Bollywood finally Blacklisted by Indian Government.

In an unprecedented step, the Modi Government has blacklisted a Houston based Pakistani event manager Rehan Siddiqui, who is famous for organizing massive Bollywood...

Breaking – China’s worst nightmare coming true, this time from its own Army.

India and China are at a fierce face off for almost 2 months at several points along the Ladakh in the western sector of...

मोदी का वो ‘ट्रम्प कार्ड’ जिससे चीन के हौसले हुए पस्त, अब चीन नहीं लड़ेगा भारत से युद्ध

भारत और चीन पिछले 2 महीने से युद्ध के मुहाने पर खड़े हैं, 1967 के बाद पहली बार LAC पर दोनों देशों के सैनिको...

क्या इस बार चीन को ‘आर्थिक सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक’ से ध्वस्त करेगा भारत?

पिछले दिनों लद्दाख में LAC पर चीनी सेना द्वारा प्रायोजित हमले में 20 भारतीय जवान बलिदान दे गए, साथ में वे अपने से दुगनी...

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