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Sulli Deals and Bulli Bai apps: Seculars and Liberals got a new EXCUSE to DEMEAN Hindutva


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The digital world recently went into a frenzy, when the Sulli Deal and Bulli Bai app, on hosting platform Github, posted objectionable pictures number of Muslim women, including social workers, journalists, students, bankers, and famous personalities, without their permission.

Several celebrities and other eminent people have started calling out the application for its obnoxious posts. However, with each passing day, our Secular-Liberal gang has turned it into a religious war to satiate their nefarious agenda.

What is this ‘Sulli Deals’ and ‘Bulli Bai’ App?

These applications are hosted on GitHub, which is a repository of open-source codes. When any user opens these applications, they randomly find a Muslim woman’s face and display it as a ‘Sulli Deal’ or ‘Bulli Bai.’

These applications don’t sell anything, they rather pretend to offer users the chance to buy a “Sulli” or “Bulli” – a derogatory slang term allegedly used for Muslim women. There is indeed no real sale or transaction of any kind, the sole purpose of these applications was just to humiliate and degrade the women.

These applications caused a major uproar on social media, a number of celebrities too raised their voice via their social media posts. The alleged Muslim crusader Asaduddin Owaisi raised his concern on this issue.

Picture Credit – Owaisi Twitter handle

Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi was quite vocal on the ‘Bulli Bai’ app issue and she accused that such apps had emerged only due to inadequate action against the creators of a mobile application ‘Sulli Deals’ for allegedly uploading photos of women without their consent.

“I had raised the issue of Sulli Deals, a website where women were being auctioned using their photographs, especially targeting a specific community; abusive language was being used, the women were being used as a ‘commodity’,” Chaturvedi said.

Film actor and filmmaker Farhan Akhtar tweeted, “This is sickening!! Request authorities to take swift and strict action against the people behind this grotesque act,” while referring to the incident.

Picture Credit – Farhan Akhtar twitter

Whereas the alleged actress Swara Bhasker described the content on the app, Bulli Bai, as “vomit worthy.” She went on to say, “Impunity and total lack of accountability. We are making ourselves monsters!” She also wrote, “At that point where we’ve to remind ourselves that it’s not okay to SELL MUSLIM WOMEN ONLINE! Remind ourselves that it’s not kosher to rally & call for genocide! That it’s not okay to disrupt people’s prayers. This is happening in our name, in the name of our Gods. It’s on us!”

Picture Credit – Swara Bhaskar twitter

Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar too raised their voice against these apps. However, he linked this with Dharm Sansads and the so-called genocide of 200 million Muslims. He indirectly questioned the ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vishwas’ ideology of PM Modi.

Small-time actress Shruti Seth too raised her voice, writing, “We’re auctioning women online! This is what has become of us as a society. And then we get upset when we rank high in unsafe for solo female travelers? The ones who live here aren’t safe, to begin with, Beyond disgusting #BulliDeals”

Another member of the secular liberal gang, Richa Chadha lauded the journalist who brought this latest episode of online targeting of Muslim women to light and expressed her solidarity.

Why this biased anger?

However, these celebrities never raised any voice against thousands of websites, telegram groups, or applications used to demean Hindu women. We maintain that abusing or demeaning any woman is wrong, and no one should justify it.

However, these celebrities and politicians are anguished by anti-Muslim applications, but they never speak up against anti-Hindu apps or telegram groups.

Recently Anshul Saxena reported multiple anti-Hindu groups and social media pages to the authorities. And to our shock, no one is supporting this crusade against the objectionable anti-Hindu content.

Picture Credit – Ask Anshul

Why Secular-Liberal gang is turning this issue against Hindus?

Police have initiated action in this case. They have arrested Niraj Bishnoi, the suspected mastermind and creator of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app. He is also one of the promoters along with a girl from Uttrakhand. A boy Aumkareshwar Thakur was also arrested from Madhya Pradesh, who has created the Sulli Deals app.

The moment this news broke out, this secular-liberal gang started targeting Hindus and they coined the term ‘Trads’ to label Hindus as anti-Women and anti-Muslims.

As per the Secular-Liberal gang, the Trads are referred to as ultra-right-wing activists. Trads are considered traditional puritans who believe in the supremacy of caste-class structure and favor enforcement of related social-segregation ideas.

Blaming Hinduism for the act of few ‘Trads’

As far as India is concerned, they are considered as those who call for supremacy of the upper castes, with Brahmins sitting at the top of the social hierarchy by virtue of birth. They oppose the idea of caste equality and marriage between men and women belonging to different castes and religions.

It is being propagated that, Aumkareshwar Thakur has said that he has been deeply hurt over the decline in the Hindu culture and that he believes in hardcore Hindutva, which he thinks is the purest form of Hinduism. Over time, reading and sharing such thoughts on Trad groups, he along with others of the ‘Tradsmahasabha’ group finally decided to demean Muslim women by putting them on sale.

It is being propagated that these young boys and girls were angry that ‘crusaders’ and ‘invader Muslims’ ruined the country, that they demolished the Hindu religion and culture, corrupted it and something had to be done about it.

Well, this is a well-planned controversy, where a crime has been linked with religion, and these people are trying their best to portray Hindusim as a religion, that provokes its followers to commit such crimes.

These are the same people, who used to justify the crimes and horrors created by the terrorists like Burhan Wani. They indirectly justify his act by saying that he was young and could have been counseled well to bring back to the mainstream. However, our Secular-Liberal gang is not offering the same privilege to these youngsters who made these applications.

Well, we are in the opinion that our society must not accept such people who demean women irrespective of any religion or caste. Also, we should refrain from twisting the facts and blame a religious group, just because someone has committed a crime.

Our Secular-Liberal gang always vouch for any opportunity, where they can blame Hinduism and portray Hindutva as an evil version of Hinduism. We should keep a close eye on every such attempt and ensure such tactics are retorted well.


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