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The Congress has s dubious reputation of harbouring individuals with the most macabre bent of mind. With the most bizarre incident of Prime Minister Modi’s security breach on 5th January in Punjab, unfolding fresh stories of conspiracy that took place at the behest of the Congress Govt. of the state, which would put the most spine chilling suspense thrillers to shame, another smaller incident took place with regard to the Congress party in the state – something which is equally bizarre.

In early 2011, when BJP was ruling Himachal Pradesh, a shocking incident came to light, wherein a journalist of prominence in the Punjab – Haryana – Himachal region was involved in blackmailing the incumbent Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh at that time, Prem Kumar Dhumal. The journalist was none other than the Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh Bureau Chief of the Hindi News Channel, Aaj Tak, Bhupinder Singh Bhupi. The Himachal CM didnot take the instant case of blackmailing lying down and sent the CD containing the demand for money made to him by Bhupi to Mr. Aroon Puri, the founder cum owner of the India Today group, who own Aaj Tak. Bhupi was immediately shown the door.

The Congress might have thought that the decade old incident may have been well forgotten by the people of this country. Besides, somehow, not much noise was made with regard to the issue – the reason could have been that it was a BJP Chief Minister who was at the receiving end and it was a UPA govt which was at the Centre. The Durbari media’s affinity towards the Congress, their ideological partners is not news to most. Hence, the Congress, surreptitiously appointed the same Bhupinder Singh Bhupi as the Media Convenor for the forthcoming Assembly Elections at Punjab. However, Congress’s hobnobbing with individuals with criminal bent of mind did not go unnoticed as twiterrati erupted with old news clippings of the disgraced journos blackmailing story. One twitter user, Anil Mattoo, did not waste time in twitting the news of the Ghazipur- based journalist, Bhupi’s instant ‘Crowning Glory’ moment with the Congress side by side with the 11-year old story of him being sacked from Aaj Tak for blackmailing the Himachal Chief Minister.


Ironically, today, it was the same Aaj Tak, for which Bhupi worked, carried out an expose on the Congress with regard to their direct role in the Prime Minister’s security breach. It appears that the Punjab police personnel had warned the Congress Govt. of Punjab about disturbances that might occur along the Prime Minister’s route but no action was taken by them. The same was revealed in a series of Press Conferences today by the Assam Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma and by the Union Minister of Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani. With the journalist turned blackmailer, Bhupi’s appointment, it has become all the more evident that the Congress is hell bent on rewarding anybody indulging in criminal activities, specially if such acts are directed towards the BJP leadership. The instant act also helps in adding one more point towards the fact that it was the Congress who happened to be the mastermind in the conspiracy in breaching Prime Minister Modi’s security.
It is an open secret that Congress has enough skeletons in their cupboard. There are direct allegations made on it, not only by their political and ideological adversaries, the BJP, but also by the ordinary citizens of India of their involvement in the mysterious disappearance of our nation’s biggest hero, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, in the mysterious deaths of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee in Kashmir and of Lal Bahadur Sashtriji in Tashkent, in the unexplained deaths of a host of ISRO scientists during their tenure and also that of some of their own leaders. In view of the same, the Congress targeting our Prime Minister, who is a political adversary and is taking India to new heights of success, something which they failed to achieve during their near 7- decade rule, is neither surprising nor shocking. With that end in mind, the appointment of an infamous blackmailer, with a proven record of harassing a BJP leader, as a media convenor is quite understandable on their part.

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