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Barbara Briggs

Barbara Ann Briggs is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a poet and the author of Pilgrimage on the Path of Love, a novel of visionary fiction. For more information on her books, visit her website: https://barbaraannbriggs.com

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Unfold Inner Wisdom

To conquer oneself is the greatest victory.

The Crisis of Homelessness and a Call for Love

If we share what we have, homelessness can be eradicated

Massive Transformation of Global Purification

A massive transformation is shaking the earth to its core.

The Futility of War

Wars escalate the tension, anxiety and stress in world consciousness.

Strategy for Prevention of Wars

The best strategy for the prevention of wars is to prevent the birth of an enemy. Prevention is always better than cure. In the Yoga...

A Global Perspective

The world is in urgent need of a global perspective. The world needs a broader vision which encompasses the entire world family. No longer...