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The Only Antidote to War


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There is only one antidote to war and that is raising the collective consciousness in the world. If the collective consciousness is plagued by fear, animosity, intolerance and anger, then the world will inevitably reap the consequences of this mindset. We cannot change the world unless we change ourselves. Each individual is responsible for the current situation in the world. The world is a reflection of the inner state of awareness prevalent in the collective mind. The only antidote to war is to create an indomitable influence of coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation.

10,000 Group to Meditate Together

We can alter this mindset by mobilizing a very large group of people committed to meditating together to create peace in the world. This largest gathering will come together very soon. There is a course planned for 10,000 course participants practicing the Transcendental Meditation program. The aim is to create a permanent group of 10,000 people in India who can maintain coherence in world consciousness. This group will radiate an indomitable influence of peace and harmony into the world. When coherence is enlivened, differences of culture, religion and language are not a barrier to happiness and harmony in the world.

Creating A Shield of Coherence

This influence of harmony, peace and unity in the midst of diversity will strengthen the bonds of friendship between all nations and reduce the criminal tendencies in society. It will create a shield around the nation which will protect it from being penetrated by negative influences. Just as in the Meisner Effect in physics, in a super conductor, coherent collective functioning of the electrons spontaneously excludes an external magnetic field and maintains its impenetrable status. In the same way, a highly coherent nation will gain impenetrability when its internal coherence is amplified. In many physical and biological sciences, the ability of the system to resist disorder is always based on internally coherent collective functioning.

Purity and Flexibility of a System

The purity and flexibility of a system makes a system impenetrable to outside influences because whatever influence comes will get absorbed without damaging the system. Purity and flexibility in the nation will increase when a greater number of people have a pure and flexible nervous system. Such individuals will radiate that pure and flexible influence into the collective consciousness of the nation.

Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

The ultimate aim of the military should be to avert the danger BEFORE it arises. It should possess the power to prevent the birth of an enemy. The absolute level of total power is the level of the unified field of all the laws of nature. This is the level of pure intelligence. It is an infinitely dynamic self-referral field which self-sufficiently creates the vast diversity in the universe from within itself. This is the level of pure consciousness which one effortlessly enlivens during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. When a very large group of individuals enliven this field together, the influence radiates into the whole cosmos and neutralizes negative, incoherent frequencies in the collective consciousness of the world. In this way, we can rise to a new level of harmony, coherence and peace in the world.

Barbara Briggs
Barbara Briggshttps://barbaraannbriggs.com/
Barbara Ann Briggs is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a poet and the author of Pilgrimage on the Path of Love, a novel of visionary fiction. For more information on her books, visit her website: https://barbaraannbriggs.com


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