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Why an ‘Anti-National’ Saquib Salim roped in for a Govt Project?


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Do you remember Anti CAA protests across the nation? Do you remember Sharjeel Imam? The same anti-national who delivered several inflammatory speeches against Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

He even went away one step ahead and instigating Muslims to cut Assam off India by blocking the passage connects India with North-eastern states, famously known as ‘Chicken’s neck’. A case of sedition has been lodged against him, following his speech at Aligarh Muslim University and other places. He was arrested from him hometown in Bihar on January 28, and remain in jail since then.

Government has orchestrated a crack down on many such anti-nationals since then, however today we would like to raise a grave concern, as we got to know about a close confidante of Sharjeel Imam, who is actively working in Central Government’s project. The matter of grave anguish is that this person known for his hatred against our Nation, Hindus and our culture.

We are talking about Saquib Salim,he is a the right hand of Sharjeel Imam, the infamous bigot who wanted to occupy the ‘chicken’s Neck’ and cut off Assam and rest of North East from India, he has been slapped with the charges of sedition and currently in jail. Salim shared room with him for over 2 years. Saquib Salim seek out support for Sharjeel Imam from Tukde Tukde gang past his arrest, he ran a campaign in support of Sharjeel Imam in JNU and several other Universities.

A Twitter user Nishant (https://twitter.com/azad_nishant/) has created an explosive thread about this anti national person, to our utter shock, this Saquib Salim has been roped in an important Central Government Project ‘Jalianwala Project’ with an eminent historian Professor Kapil Kumar.

Saquib is indeed a repeated offender for, he is infamous for making derogatory posts and propaganda against our Government. He once called Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University Tariq Mansoor a ‘Dalal’ (Pimp).

Salim is against CAA and NRC and for him Shaheen Bagh protest was a ‘Symbol of Islamic Resistance’. He believes that CAA is a direct attack on ‘secular’ fabric of the constitution. He believes that CAA and NRC are just triggers against the State Sponsored hate and violence against Muslims.

He also believes that the demolition of disputed structure on December 6, 1992 was actually an assault on this country’s secular fabric, constitution and Muslims. Per him, the destruction of Babri Mosque has terrorized Muslims like never before, it also deprived secularism of the legitimacy it once enjoyed.

Saquib has expressed that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji and UP BJP President Sh. Swatantra Dev Singh are hate mongers and keep spewing venom against Muslims and still hold constitutional posts.

He has also co-authored many articles on Islamic Propaganda with his best friend Sharjeel Imam.

He has issues with even business tycoon Azim Premzi, who has donated crores to fight against the Corona Pandemic, he abused him and called him the man behind NRC exercise.

Grave Question

We are anguished to know that how the Central Government allowed a man with such and anti-national and dubious character to work on such important project. We were in an impression that for every Government Job/project, we do have a strong background check process, we failed to understand that why Government has ignored all these facts and his anti-national fervor.

Such Douchbug should never be allowed to work on any Government projects, there rightful place is behind bars, not in some plush Government offices. With the help of this articles, we would like to raise our voice against Saquib Salim and request our Central Government to take an immediate action against him, also there should be a strong background check for every kind of Government project. Such anti-nationals could leak the confidential information to our enemy nation and may put our internal security in jeopardy.


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