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Vulture International Media feeds on national tragedy in India by calling B.1.617 Indian variant, even if WHO never called virus with country name


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Did you know the World Health Organization never called viruses or variants with names of countries they are first reported from, such as Indian mutant variant of Covid-19 or UK variant?
 It was the media, which spun the narrative to stigmatize the countries by terming a variant of Coronavirus as Indian mutant.  Hence, the World Health Organization (WHO) clarified that it doesn’t identify viruses or variants with names of countries they are first reported from. WHO explained viruses are called by their scientific names. In its tweet, WHO South-East Asia tagged PTI, ANI, Times of India and several other media houses to ensure that messages reach those who have created such a narrative to malign India. 

WHO was forced to clarify its stand as Left-leaning Indian Media termed B.1.617, a variant of Coronavirus as an “Indian Variant.” Naming the mutated strain as “Indian Variant” is similar to calling it “Indian virus.” 

Coronavirus—which was first detected in a wet market in China’s Wuhan city, where wildlife was sold as food, in late December 2019—has continued to cause death and destruction of families and economies with despair across the globe. More than 3 million people have died of Covid-19, new name of Coronavirus, with around 150 million positive cases on the planet earth till now. Coronavirus was also suspected to have originated from a lab in Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIF) in China’s Wuhan city. However, the Left leaning media didn’t call it Chinese virus or Wuhan virus.  

It is to be recalled former American President, Donald Trump was hugely attacked and criticized, when he had called Chinese Virus instead of Coronavirus or Covid-19. Self-proclaimed intelligentsia across the globe called it racist slur. The New York Times slammed its own president that he was hurling hate and racism in America as well as in China. But, the same New York Times didn’t blink to publish its headline: “Covid-19: WHO warns India’s Homegrown Virus Variant May Be Highly Contagious.” The Washington Post headline read, “Indian Coronavirus variant has now spread to almost 50 countries,” says WHO. Why double standard towards India by left leaning media?

When did WHO call B.1.617, which is a variant of Coronavirus, Indian Coronavirus or India’s homegrown virus? Why did international media conniving with Indian media weave a fake narrative of India’s homegrown virus or India’s Coronavirus? Would the Washington Post and New York Times or Indian Media ever answer the questions? What is the purpose behind fake narrative spun by the media? 

A collection of words, or phrases or terminology evokes a certain response or reaction. Mention of Indian variant signifies its country and its people. Indian variant means it was allowed to emerge and grow rapidly by its people and its government, which is the Narendra Modi government. Indian variant was used to stigmatize not only Indians and its political leadership, but Indian diaspora across the world. When the Washington Post made the headline, “Indian Coronavirus variant has now spread to almost 50 countries,” it targeted Indian leadership and Indians across the globe, who are at risk to face hostile situations. 

India’s health care system is overwhelmed. Health care providers are exhausted and drained. For a Covid-19 patient, finding a bed in hospital is like fighting a battle in the battleground. It is traumatic to hear the news of the death of close and distant relatives as well as friends. India’s war against Covid-19 viruses is enormous and its sufferings are profound. However, the number of Corona deaths per million populations in India is 112, while the US has 1347 deaths per million, UK has 1533 deaths per million, Brazil has reported 1044 deaths per million and Russia has recorded 495 deaths per million populations due to Covid-19. Why don’t international and national media narrate the situation with facts and figures? Why do they weave fake narrative to malign India and Indian leadership? 

The most disturbing question: How did the media come to know that the B.1.617 variant was born in India and didn’t come from China? Did they conduct some experiment or investigation to detect the virus? When there is tragedy, humans offer helping hands to minimize sufferings. But, vultures feast on dead bodies. The Second wave of Covid-19—which has been destroying both families and economy in India since March this year—came an opportunity for vulture media, particularly international media, to feast on India’s tragedy.


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