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Vishal Jood deported: Australian Minister blames Indians for creating a disturbance while shielding Khalistani Radicals


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Australia has deported Vishal Jood, a student who hails from Haryana, who was convicted for assaulting Sikhs living in the country. He was arrested for orchestrating the so-called attacks on Sikhs on September 16, 2020, and February 14 and February 28 this year.

However, in reality, he was fighting the menace of ‘Khalistanis’ who were demeaning the Indian Tricolor, and he stood against these anti-national elements to protect the sanctity of the Indian Tricolour. The legal case was filed against him and several charges were framed. Later under a plea bargain, few charges were quashed and he was convicted for 12 months with parole after six months. He was shifted straight to the custody of immigration officials after being released on parole.

Here important to note that the Australian government’s stance has been quite shocking on this matter. Jood’s forced departure from Australia was accompanied by a strongly-worded statement from the Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, where he supported the deportation of Vishal and claimed that Australia’s social cohesion will not be tolerated.

He also blamed the ‘minority community’ (read Hindus) for inciting discord and disharmony in Australia, which is far from true. He is clearly shielding the anti-Indian Khalistani elements and washing away their sins.

As expected, several Indians took social media to express their anguish and shock over the biased statement of the Australian Minister.

Pallavi Jain expressed her concern and asked if Minister is suggesting that Ind-Australians who defend their country of origin or defend themselves including from physical harm from alleged thugs funded by a terror-sponsoring state are unlawful?

She called Australian Minister’s comments very disturbing and requested him to clarify this.

What exactly is Vishal Jood’s case?

24-year-old Vishal Jood is from Haryana and he was pursuing higher studies in Australia. Australian Police arrested him after a group of Indian nationalists clashed with Khalistani elements, where the latter were disrespecting the Indian Tricolor. Vishal was charged with damage to property, assault, and affray.

To our shock, in all cases, the Khalistanis were named as victims, and police and judiciary took a highly biased action in this matter. These Khalistani people are also from India, however, they do not identify themselves as Indians but prefer being identified with their religious identity and support the idea of Khalistan.

These Khalistanis are known for creating such tensions for some time now, and we have witnessed several heated exchanges between nationalist Indian diaspora and these Khalistani extremists in the past, but it took a violent turn on August 28, 2020. This specific fight was started when Khalistani Jassi started posting pro-Khalistani and anti-India content on TikTok, and people like Vishal Jood protested against such acts.

Vishal Jood received support from all quarters and Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar wrote to the MEA seeking intervention for his release. Indian MEA was in touch with their Australian counterparts. However, this statement from the Australian Minister is in a bad taste, and the Australian Government must come clean on this matter and initiate action against the anti-Indian Khalistani elements on their soil.


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