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Khalistani destroying Ramleela procession, making indecent comments on Hindu deities. Is this a resurgence of ‘Khalistani Terrorism’ in Punjab?


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For last 2 years, we are witnessing lots of ferocious and barbarous incidents in the pretext of Farmers protest. We have seen lots of anti-national and anti-hindu activities from Khalistani elements, where their objective was to provoke Hindus and create a sense of terror among them.

In a latest such incident, several Ramleela processions have been attacked and vandalized by Khalistani elements at various places in Punjab. On October 9, a group of Sikhs barged into a Ramleela ground and disrupted it completely, this procession was being organized by Shri Sanatan Dharma Ramleela Committee.

As per media reports, a groups of Sikhs reached there with sticks and started abusing Hindu culture, gods and event organisers, while Ramleela was going on in the pandal. These anarchic hooligans with Khalistani mentality resorted to violence and several Hindus were threatened by their aggression.

Anti Hindu activities in pretext of Farmer protests

Here the most shocking thing is that all the hooligans were doing it on the pretext of farmer protests. These Khalistani people were calling themselves farmers and claiming that they came to mark their protest, however their act and intentions were quite different from what they were claiming. There were many Sikhs participating in the Ramleela, and these Bhindrawale’s goons asked them to leave immediately, else they may face consequences for the same.

As per the locals, there was an older person Sant Sukhbir Singh, who tried to pacify the temper as things were getting violent. He said that we should not divide Hindus and Sikhs. He tried to convince them of the fact that there is no difference between Bhagwan Ram, Waheguru, and Guru Nanak. They all are ours. However, after listening to Sant Sukhbir, they got aggressive and started abusing him. When we tried to intervene, they abused and threatened us too. While threatening, abusing, and attacking the attendees, they claimed they would stop Ramleela proceedings.”

The moment organziers realized that things are turning nasty, they immediately called the police and asked for help. The local SHO immediately reached the Ramleela ground and applied police force to disperse the violent crowd. The organizers filed an official complaint to the SSP and DC.

Police complaint

The event organizers have placed a formal request to take a stern action against the Khalistani miscreants, who created unrest among Hindus and Sikhs. The Hindus were so agitated with these acts that several Hindu groups, Ramleela organization committed and organizations will keep their gates shut and submit the keys to the city administration, and they have halted the Ramleela proceedings until and unless government takes a strong action against these anti-social elements.

Punjab Government paying no heed to Hindu Groups demands

Several Hindu groups came down heavily on the police and accused them of delaying the legal proceedings. Although the organizers filed the complaint on the same day, but no action has been taken against the miscreants, which led Hindus to close all Ramleela proceedings, Durga Pooja pandals, and several other religious places to keep their lights off in the evening as a mark of protest. This forced the local police to file a case against the khalistani elements, and then only Hindus switched on the lights and continued with their proceedings.

Police have finally registered FIR under Section 506 (criminal intimidation), 341 (wrongful restrain), 296 (disturbing religious assembly). As per the initial investigation of police, the miscreants who attacked Ramleela ground were active members of farmer unions, and they barged into these processions to target the BJP leaders, who were scheduled to visit these functions.

These so called farmer leaders cum khalistani elements were alleging that BJP is converting a religious event into a political event. However, all these claims are useless and wague and hold no logic at all.

Here it is important to note that Ramleela have been organized in several parts of Punjab every year for over 70 years, and never in the history they face such problems ever. This time Khalistani elements are hell bent on creating a divide between Hindus and Sikh and driving their nefarious agenda to create vicious environment in the state.

Hindus are under constant attacks in Punjab

As we said, we are witnessing several anti-Hindu incidents in recent times, the another happened with Shiromani Akali Dal (Shi’ad) Chief Sukhbir Singh Badal, who bowed his head in the temple of Mata Chintapurni, which is a usual ritual.

However the editor of ‘Rozana Pehredaar’  Jaspal Singh Heran made extremely objectionable remarks against Badal, when he wrote that “Your peo noon chhad Sukhbir aaya begani Maa’s court”. Several Hindu organisations had expressed their anguish over this word ‘Begani Maa’ for Mata Chintapurni, and demanded his arrest, but Punjab government took no action against him.

All this is happening as per the Referendum-2020 plan of Khalistani groups, and they are hell bent to create a vicious environment for Hindus in Punjab, on the similar lines of what they did in late 70’s and early 80’s. We hope and demand the Central government to take an immediate stock of the situation and control this menace now, else this will create another Frankenstein monster like Bhindrrawale, and that will be a big setback for our democracy.


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