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To break the Hindu Unity, now Bollywood and OTT Platforms have started attacking Brahmins by showing them as EVIL


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We have seen a massive transformation in Technology in recent times. With the advent of high-speed internet and mobile technology, online content has changed the mode of entertainment and awareness like never before. The method of our entertainment has been changed drastically, and at the same time, the methods of propaganda have been changed completely.

We have seen a massive jump in Anti-Hindu and Anti-India content in recent times. Initially it was only the Bollywood, which was supplying such content in the name of freedom of expression, now OTT (Over the Top) platforms have joined this anti-hindu and anti-national bandwagon and we have seen numerous such contents in recent years.

However, people also started bashing these content providers and several cases have been slapped on these organizations for their biased content. But, they are now targeting a specific section of Hindus i.e., Brahmins. This is a new strategy, which they are implementing to target only Brahmins and make them isolated and breakdown the unity of Hindus.

A recent such attempt is the launch of ‘Breast Tax’ series on ULLU OTT application. This series talk about a practice of Breast Tax in southern India. The Breast Tax was a tax imposed on the lower caste and untouchable Hindu women by the Kingdom of Tranvancore (Brahmins) if they wanted to cover their breasts in public, until 1924. The lower caste and untouchable women were expected to pay the government a tax on their breasts, as soon as they started developing breasts.

Picture Source – ULLU

However, there is no credible evidence of any such evil practice ever. Several historians have denied having any information on Breast Tax in southern India, though there were several other taxes imposed on people. However, this Breast tax concept has been coined to create a divide between Hindu society and to make the Evil out of Brahmins. It’s very much obvious that people from lower caste will be provoked after watching such content and may have a negative perception about the Brahmins.

We have already seen such an instance in the movie Article-15, which was based on the infamous Badaun rape case of Uttar Pradesh. However, in the movie, the Director twisted the facts and put the blame for this inhumane act on Brahmins.

Picture Credit – Deccan Chronicle

The brahmins were enraged that their community has been shown in a bad light in the trailer. A brahmin organization Parshuram Sena protested against this movie and asked the makers to change the facts about and the way Brahmins are being showcased in the film.

In Amazon’s series Tandav, there were many such references which put Brahmins in bad light. There was a highly objectionable dialogue in that series, which says “When a lower-caste man dates an upper-caste woman, he is actually taking revenge, for centuries of atrocities, just from that one woman.

Picture Credit – Movie and People

Here, it clearly portrays that Brahmins or Upper caste Hindus have committed massive atrocities on the lower caste people, and by loving the upper caste woman, they are actually taking the revenge.

The writers have completely ignored the empirical evidence while writing this dialogue, they seem more interested in portraying that Brahmins have pressed Dalits for generations and now they are free to take ‘revenge’ against historical injustice.

There are several other movies like Padmavat and Bandit Queen, where the facts were twisted and Brahmins were shown in the bad light and aggressors who were committing atrocities or treacheries against the society.

Even in the MX Player’s series Aashram, the Brahmins have been shown as criminals and rapists, who are ready to take the advantage of any female come to their aashram.

Picture Credit – The Indian Express

There are numerous other programs and movies, that have been released in recent times, where such misleading portrayal of Brahmins have been done. The irony is, that when any such content shown against Hindus, then entire Hindu society take the stand against the content producers, but when only Brahmins are attacked, nobody is ready to take the stand.

Actually, that is the strategy of these secular liberal producers. Instead of attacking the Hindus, they have identified a soft target, that is Brahmins.

But, this is an alarming situation, they may neutralize the voice of Brahmins and then they will start attacking other factions of Hinduism and try to replicate the same modus operandi with them as well. We have seen many content against Rajputs and Baniyas as well. Where Rajputs have been portrayed as womanizers’ and alcohol lovers, where as Baniyas have been shown as someone who can do anything for money.

Hindus should understand this tactics and take appropriate action to prevent the potential damage to our society. Social media and online streaming is a big platform for entertainment, and any such misleading content can influence the people so easily. Hence, it is important to protest against any content against Hindus or other factions of Hinduism.


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