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Shocking-Muslims Refugees and Rohingya converting to Christianity to avail the benefits of Citizen Amendment Bill


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In a shocking revelation, Indian Security agencies have alerted the Government, that many Afghan and Rohingya Muslim refugees are converting to Christianity, to avail the benefits of the Citizenship Amendment Bill and to get the citizenship of India. Our security agencies have recently flagged more than 25 such refugees, who are using such dubious ways to get an entry in India. This has been reported by the Economic Times.

Link https://m.economictimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/muslim-refugees-become-christians-to-take-caa-benefit/articleshow/77117484.cms?_oref=cook

As per Adib Ahmed Maxwell, who is the head of an Afghan church in south Delhi, there has been a sudden spike in the conversion requests of Afghan Muslims, who want to become Christians immediately, since the enactment of the Citizenship amendment bill earlier this year.

The citizenship amendment bill was passed by both the Parliamentary houses last year and it came into existence on 10th January this year. This bill laid down a process for non-Muslim oppressed migrants from India’s three neighboring countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to apply for Indian citizenship.

This bill has been in several controversies since its introduction in the parliament. Several opposition parties have raised their concerns over it, few parties and other NGO groups conspired together and orchestrated nationwide protests and riots in December 2019 and then in Delhi during President Trump’s visit in February this year.

This news has alerted the security agencies and the Government has been informed about the repercussions of this massive security lapse. Rohingyas are also believed to be using all tactics to get converted and avail the benefits of Indian Citizenship. It is believed that we have more than 40,000 Rohingyas staying in India illegally.

Majority of Rohingya Muslims are settled in India since 2011-2012, but now they are claiming to be a citizens of Bangladesh and proceeding with conversion to get a permanent settlement in India, and unfortunately many Political parties and Non-Government Organizations are helping them in their endeavors.

We are in an opinion that this is a massive security breach, and Government should employ a strict screening process before according the Indian Citizenship to anyone. Government should take action against the Churches where such conversions are taking place.

If this malpractice is not stopped, then the entire objective of Citizenship Amendment Bill will be defeated.


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