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No Investigation on Churches protest across India


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The Church owns or manages around 20,000 educational institutions, second only to the federal government, thousands of vocational training centres, and about 5,000 hospital facilities, while making up only 2.3% of India’s population according to the 2011 Census. Alumni from religious institutions have numerous leadership positions in politics, business, and important governmental and non-governmental organisations, and they have special access to influence and lobbying power. The Church and organisations under its control have been instrumental in promoting minority rights in education through a number of landmark decisions.

The Church’s involvement in social issues has long been divisive. The Sangh had criticised the “foreign hand” and “foreign moneyinfluence’s in India, and the RSS views Christian missionaries’ conversions as waging a cultural war against Hinduism. The apparent excessive interest that mostly Christian western nations seem to be showing in the central government’s assertion of control over the flow of funding to organisations with ties to the church feeds suspicions.

As we approach the domain of happenings across the nation with the lens of interpreting Church’s action to engineer protest, a soft method can be seen.

The issue again emerged due to vizanzham protest:

On Monday, protesters surrounded the strategically significant site from the sea on boats at Vizhinjam port in Kerala, which is still under construction. Meanwhile, protesters on land broke open the port’s massive gates to reach its grounds.

The fishermen barricaded the port on Monday from both the sea and the land. Many others scaled the gates and smashed the locks from the inside, allowing the crowd of protesters that had gathered outside to pass.

The police, who had been stationed there since the early hours of the morning, could be seen in TV images standing blankly as the protesters scaled the gates and picked the locks.

Then, after getting past the gates, the protesters could be seen dancing around joyously.

Hundreds of fishing boats were also spotted surrounding the port at the same moment from the water.

One of the Latin Archdiocese priests in charge of the demonstration claimed the state government had verbally promised to abide by five of their demands, but they wanted a written guarantee instead.

The priest had also suggested that the port’s construction be halted, its environmental impact studied, and representatives of fishermen who are authorities on these issues consulted.

The Thiruvananthapuram Latin Archdiocese, which is leading their effort, and the coastal inhabitants “who are struggling for their lives,” according to a statement made on Sunday by the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC), a significant church group.

Black flags have previously been flown above churches belonging to the Latin Archdiocese in the state capital.

Archbishop Thomas J. Netto of the Latin Archdiocese declared that because the water is their mother, he would not permit any construction projects that would damage the coastline.

Church’s role in Kundakulam protest:

The attention on church-based NGOs in southern Tamil Nadu has increased as a result of the crackdown on four non-governmental organisations on the suspicion that they transferred foreign monies intended for social development activities to the anti-nuclear protests in Kudankulam.

In 2012, the Union Home Secretary declared that four NGOs’ bank accounts had been seized after it was discovered that they had been using donations from foreign sources to finance anti-nuclear demonstrations. The CBI has filed two of the cases, while the Crime Branch of the Tamil Nadu police has filed the other two.

After ten years of this campaign, the action has already been rubbed off from the information arena.

Sterline Copper Plant in 2021:

Lalita Nijhawan had a thorough article about how the demonstrations against the Sterlite Copper Plant in Thoothukudi and the Kudankulam protests were planned by a complete agreement between all Christian denominations to shut down very important industries under the false pretence of environmental pollution in the Voice of India.

“Brother Mohan C. Lazarus asserted, without any scientific evidence, that Sterlite is a poisonous factory,” Lalita Nijhawan wrote. He claimed that the Church is pleading for the factory to close. He added that all Catholics, Pentecostals, and members of the Church of South India (CSI) would join forces to protest against Sterlite in Tuticorin.

The fact that the police were obliged to fire during the height of the protests because the demonstrators had become violent at the urging of church congregations is noteworthy, even though regrettably several people died as a result of the police shooting.

The protesters disrobed numerous policewomen who were on duty in Thoothukudi and set numerous vehicles on fire. They also threw rocks at the police who were attempting to keep the calm. The aggressive crowd posing as innocent protestors was then fired upon by the police as a result.

It is generally known that the Indian Church, along with their international allies the outlawed Maoists and financial terrorists like George Soros, wage campaigns to undermine India’s industrial and economic potential in order to stifle its development.

Prior to the forced shutdown of the Sterlite Plant in 2018, India had a surplus of copper; but, after that closure, India began to import copper for the first time in 18 years! It is simple to determine who the Church helped by fabricating these protests.

Now, by continuing to incite people to protest against the reopening of the Sterlite Plant for crucial oxygen production during a crisis, it only serves to highlight the fact that evangelists take a perverse joy in playing politics at the expense of many lives in order to deprive India of its resources and make it a slave to its western allies.


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