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Massive Transformation of Global Purification


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The world is in the midst of a storm – a storm of global purification!

A massive transformation of global purification is shaking the earth to its core.

We are witnessing major upheavals in the USA, Europe and Africa.

Droughts, fires, floods are signals of distress sounded by Nature.

The globe is being altered, purified, cleansed. A global purification is occurring.

Purification of Governments

This is also a time of purification of governments. There is a rising demand for transparency, accountability and integrity for government leaders from their constituency. People are demanding that corrupt leaders resign. Many have had to step down and more will follow.

Turbulence, turmoil and massive upheavals are a characteristic of phase transitions. This indicates that a massive process of global purification is occurring. The earth is shaking off the trammels of outworn ways of thinking. Old patterns of behavior must be abandoned. The lust for power, the thirst for money, the rampant poisoning of the earth with harmful pesticides, all these patterns need to be removed. New ways of thinking must replace these outdated principles.

Nature is sounding its alarm. We need to re-assess our priorities to safeguard our future. We must heed the urgent environmental signals. The blatant misuse of natural resources must stop. It is time for us to emerge from the egoistic mindset and create sustainable solutions to safeguard life on this planet.

A New Technology

We must adopt a new technology of consciousness which administers to the deepest needs of the individual and society simultaneously. There are techniques of meditation which create better health, greater inner peace, happiness and self-actualization. Such methods nourish the deepest level of the individual and create more caring compassionate responses to the environment at the same time.

After a thunder storm, the air is always brighter, calmer and clearer. This is what awaits us in the future. A new dawn is arising.

Barbara Briggs
Barbara Briggshttps://barbaraannbriggs.com/
Barbara Ann Briggs is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a poet and the author of Pilgrimage on the Path of Love, a novel of visionary fiction. For more information on her books, visit her website: https://barbaraannbriggs.com


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