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Massive cracks down on ‘Anti Hindu’ Youtube Channel Karuppar Koottam


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In a major action, 2 days after the Central Crime Branch registered a case against Karuppar Koottam YouTube channel, Chennai police has arrested a 49-year old man. The man arrested has been identified as M Senthil Vasan, a resident of Velachery, who is a memeber of the YouTube channel Karuppar Kootam. This youtube channel is owned by Surendra Natarjan. 

This Youtube channel is notoriously infamous for its Anti Hindu content. Several eminent personalities have reported against this channel and have slammed this channel for spewing the venom against Hindu religion,culture and ethos.

BJP initiated the legal action

A complaint was filed by a BJP’s Advocate wing’s head Mr. RC Paul Kanakaraj, where is alleged that Surendra Natrajan had posted videos against Hindu religion, the Crime Branch had registered a case under Sections 153, 153(A)(1)(a), 295(P), 505 (1)(b) and 505(2) of IPC on Monday. 

It was mentioned in the complaint that Channel owner had allegedly uploaded an episode under the title “Aabasa Puranam Series – Kandha Sashti Kavacham – Kathakalatchebam”, in which ‘derogatory’ remarks against Hindu deity Murugan were made.

The Narrator of the episode, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of the Hindus, has given sexual interpretation to malign the sanctity of Hindu Gods, which indeed created a massive unrest among the Hindus.

Kanda Shashti Kavacham or Skanda Sashti Kavasam is a Hindu devotional song composed in Tamil on Lord Muruga. Almost all the Hindu households in Tamil speaking regions reverentially sing these hymns every morning and it is considered as pious for every hindu.

Tamilnadu’s Bharatiya Janata Party unit has lodged a complaint and started a ferocious campaign to block this channel immediately for hurting the religious sentiments of fellow Hindus. The complaint alleged that the said YouTube channel, ‘Karuppar Koottam’, has recently uploaded a malicious content on the sacred hymns of Kanda Shashti Kavacham.

Few other religious groups like Rashtriya Sanatana Seva Sangham and Hindu Makkal Katchi also filed complaints and sought a ban on the channel for allegedly making disparaging remarks about the Hindu god and the religion.

It is heartening to see that Hindus are now more aware about their religion and sentiments. We know that our constitution guarantees ‘Freedom of Expression’ however its not suggested to breach the line of sanctity and hurt someone’s religious sentiments and faith.

It has been observed over decades that Hindus were always at receiving of such one sided Freedom of Expression, but it seems with the evolution of Social Media, Hindus have realized their power and they have started raising their voice against any such malicious acts.

We appreciate the State Unit of BJP and several other religious groups for their expedite action and we also believe that such crack downs will give a message to the society that gone are the days when anyone can put anything in public domain against Hindus and got away with it, it’s not gonna happen anymore.


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