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Islamic Republic of India. “Hyderabad is controlled by us”, says Syed Kashaf


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Islamists again inciting slogans, ‘sar tan se juda’on streets, social media and police station. The pattern has become an inspiration for other islamists to behead after many incidents. These incidents have a common factor of defining punishment according to Quran and Hadith to any remark.

Telangana police on Tuesday arrested Raja Singh, MLA from Goshamahal for his alleged remarks on Prophet Mohammed. Singh posted a video on Monday which is alleged to have abusive language towards Prophet Mohammed, according to islamists.

Since, then the protests broke out at several places of Telangana where law and order machinery apparently tolerating the blatant threat to behead. Many protestors commented, if immediate action will not be taken against Raja Singh then get prepared to bear consequences.

Syed Kashaf posted a video congratulating all the Islamists of the city and boasted on making the issue nationwide matter. He thanked Hyderabad police for taking immediate action against the BJP MLA who is accused of passing blasphemous remarks against Prophet Mohammed.

To consider the pattern of islamists hitting roads and continuing rage against hindus, the law and order seem to fail at all the ends. Eight persons have lost their life in past 5 months according to reports. The outrage intensified when Journalist Mohd. Jubair posted an edited clip on social media to counter-balance the situation across the nation. The radicals have been holding their ground to act against the law and also justify it by putting statutory laws in dirt.

The radical army has been silently lead by so called scholars of twitter who do not frown upon the slogans and outcries.

Coming back to the ongoing chaos in Hyderabad, many videos came out in which police didn’t take any dig at the protestors. The protests have a history of becoming a riot.


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