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Why Rahul Gandhi is the most EVIL Politician in India?


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There is a general perception that Rahul Gandhi is not a serious politician. It is being said that his family had made him “forcefully enter politics”. He comes and reads from a paper and does not even listen to the reply. While sitting in Parliament, he mostly seems distracted. His mind is never on an issue being discussed; he keeps thinking of the things he is fed. He keeps going on foreign trips to have fun.

Rahul Gandhi’s attendance in parliament has been far below the average. His frequent absences from the chamber, and the country, have been the focus of the media and drawn BJP accusations that he is a “non-serious” politician.

People usually make fun of him, but in actual, Rahul Gandhi is the most Evil politician in India. Rahul Gandhi is just face. The real game is being played the invisible team which controls Rahul Gandhi.

Well, you may not believe us, but we will prove it with the help of few examples.

The Leftist team that writes his speeches, that prepared Congress manifesto, that planned his yatra, that fix his foreign meetings and most important the persons sitting outside of India who always wanted to control India. Rahul Gandhi is completely under control of Leftist ecosystem and Urban Naxals, and PM Modi has also expressed the same views.

When you know about Marxist Globalist ecosystem that you can easily decode each and every move of Rahul Gandhi and latest one is promise of :

Wealth Redistribution This concept of wealth redistribution is taken from Karl Marx’s 1848″s book Communist Manifesto. This idea was widely used by Marxist leaders worldwide to fool public from 1850 to 1990 and the most prominent and dangerous leaders of wealth redistribution were – Lenin – Stalin – Mao Lenin promised to Russia of wealth redistribution once he got power.

After bloodshed of 1917 he got Power. He said he will snatch lands from rich and gave it to poor and as he got power he snatched land from rich and middle class but did he give that land to poor ? Answer is No He became dictator and his Govt captured all land.

They made everyone poor, everyone slave. Mao did the same The common modus operandi of wealth distribution leaders from past :

1. Promise wealth redistribution to poor means we will snatch wealth from rich and middle class and give it to Poor

2. Get the power

3. snatch wealth of rich and middle class

4. But don’t give it poor. Keep this with you and your followers and make everyone poor

5. Kill everyone who oppose

The same thing happened un Russia and China during Stalin and Mao Stalin and Mao alone ki11ed more than 10 crore (100 Million) people.

This wealth redistribution idea of Marxist was the most fraud idea. It brought only bloodshed. In my previous threads I have explained that Marxism was actually a hoax created by Globalist capitalist to control entire world. In 21st century they brought new form of Marxism which is NWO or New World Order or World Government.

In which you will not own anything. Everything will be controlled by Govt Rahul Gandhi’s wealth redistribution idea is Indian version of that Marxist Globalist idea If by any chance Rahul Gandhi becomes PM.

How this wealth redistribution will be implemented.

– Govt will capture, all your land, your flats, your investments and savings

– Share market will crash

– Govt will provide you Marxist style accommodation that Chinese govt provides

– You will be 24×7 monitored

The crux of such situation is, that Govt will give you accommodation, food and work but you wont own anything. Something similar happens in China, North Korea and couple of Islamic Countries as well.

If you are finding it awkward then read WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset (Rahul Gandhi has been young achiever politician of WEF in 2006) or UN’s agenda 2030).

Marxism and Islam are two weapons by which they will make you slave, and Rahul Gandhi is their pawn in India, thus he is an EVIL politician.


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