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How to Protect and Support Hindutva-based Parallel Economy to counter the onslaught of Islamic Halal Economy?


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Mohan wanted to get his washing machine and AC serviced, he opened a mobile application and booked a slot for a technician. Soon, he received a message on his mobile in which the name of the technician and the time of his arrival were mentioned. Mohan was shocked as the technician was a Muslim. He immediately canceled the visit and booked a new technician again. Unfortunately, once again only a Muslim technician was available and he had to avail of the service.

Sonam went to the market to get vegetables, she took vegetables from a shop and when she scanned the shopkeeper’s QR code to make the payment, it was found that the shopkeeper was a Muslim. She refused to buy vegetables by making any excuse. When she went to another shopkeeper, he also turned out to be a Muslim, later it was found that most of the shopkeepers in that market were Muslims. She had no option but to buy from a Muslim shopkeeper.

Saket was supposed to go to Delhi airport from Noida, he booked a cab, and saw that the driver was a Muslim, he canceled the cab. After a while, he again tried to book a cab and again found a Muslim driver. Saket tried again, but even after many attempts, he was getting a Muslim driver. Eventually, he had to catch a cab with a Muslim driver, as he had to catch the flight.

We have given some examples and tried to show how Hindus are being wiped out in almost every small business, and their place has been occupied by Muslims. Some people may call it an exaggeration, but if you do all this yourself, you will find that when it comes to skill-based work, fruit vegetable selling, or technical work, Muslims have literally attained a monopoly and outclassed the Hindus completely.

A well-planned Islamic conspiracy to outclass Hindus

This is a well-planned Islamic conspiracy to conquer the market and outclass the Kafirs from all the day-to-day business and functions. Muslims never pay much attention to studies and preparing for government jobs. They usually have multiple children in a family, and they indulge their children in skill-based work since childhood. Whether it is an electrician, mechanic, service maker, or selling fruits and vegetables, they do not shy away from any work.

Their biggest USP is to provide better service at a lower price, they also offer exceptionally good services to eliminate other businessmen (read Hindu) from that area. Muslims also engage their friends and family member in their business, and gradually they dominate a specific and create such an atmosphere in that area that no Hindu can do business there.

Muslims have employed a similar strategy with mobile application-related services, where they have virtually taken over various platforms. Whether it is Ola, Uber, Urban Company, OLX, or any other platform, Muslims have registered in abundance everywhere. That is the reason why most of the time we get Muslims while opting for any service.

Introduction of Islamic Halal Economy

If the above was not enough, the Muslim Ummah has introduced the concept of the Halal Economy in India, which is putting cascading impact on our economy and further alienating the Hindus from the blue-collar economy. The Arabic word Halal means ‘Valid according to Islam’.

Initially, it was a demand kept in the context of meat, but with each passing day, the ‘Halal’ is now being demanded in many things, including cosmetics, vegetarian food, hospitals, household items, medicines, and even malls. They have made it mandatory to obtain a ‘Halal certificate’ from private Islamic organizations. This step is helping them to assume more command over various other services and consumables.

What Hindus must do to protect their interests?

As this is an organized onslaught against the Hindus, we must counter this with coordinated efforts of Hindus. Here are a few steps that Hindu society must take to prevent further alienation of their people.

  • Start participating in Blue Collar Jobs – Hindus must shun the attraction of government jobs and start working towards becoming entrepreneurs. They must venture into the skill-based jobs, that was with Hindus for many centuries.
  • Start promoting your own people – Hindus must promote the ventures of their own people. As a society, they must promote and encourage Hindu-managed enterprises, to ensure they get better business.
  • Always do Business with Hindus – We know sometimes it’s not 100% possible, but Hindus must ensure they always do business with Hindus, until and unless it is not possible otherwise.
  • Ensure your money goes to Hindus – Hindus must remain aware and validate the identity of the people with whom they are doing business and paying money.
  • Boycott Halal Economy – Usually we have Halal Certified stickers on all products and services. Hindus must identify such products and boycott them whenever and wherever it is possible.
  • Employ Hindu workers – If you have your own enterprise, then always ensure you employ only Hindu workers. It may cost you a bit higher, but ensure better returns in the future.

We understand that these steps are not easy to follow, but in order to attain adequate command over such jobs and functions and snatch our business back, Hindus must follow the principle of ‘Be Hindu, Buy Hindu, and Employ Hindu


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