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Hindu Girls are being abducted and assaulted Hindu festivals


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On August 20, Uttar Pradesh Police detained five teenagers in connection with a conflict that developed after two ladies were groped and attacked during Krishna Janmashtami Dahi Handi celebrations. The incident occurred on Street No. 1 in Aligarh’s Delhi Gate neighborhood. In the matter, a case has been filed against 12 people. To preserve peace and order, an extra police force was deployed in the region.

Muslim youth molested girls

On the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, a Dahi Handi event was held on Delhi Gate’s street number one. According to accounts, several Muslim youths abused some ladies at this gathering. When witnesses objected, the accused pulled three young people to a neighboring mosque and beat them up. Stones were thrown at others who tried to help them.

According to Ayush, a young man, Muslim youngsters groped girls during the session. The others present objected, and the Mulsim youngsters then fled the scene. They eventually arrived with more men and brought Ayush and two others to a nearby Mosque, where they were assaulted.

The Police were notified about the tension between the two neighborhoods, and officers from numerous neighbouring police stations responded. When the accused saw the police, he left the scene. Late at night, DIG Deepak Kumar, SSP Kalanidhi Naithani, and other authorities arrived at Delhi Gate Police Station and went to the scene of the event.

According to reports, five persons were hurt in the event and were sent to the hospital for treatment. A case was filed against 12 persons, and thus far, five have been arrested.

“The Police received information regarding a dispute between two parties in the Delhi Gate Police Station area,” SSP Naithani said in a statement. As soon as they received the information, the police were on the scene. An inquiry has been launched into the situation. Those who were hurt in the fight were taken to the hospital. A case has been launched against 12 accused based on their accusation, and five of them have been arrested thus far.”

Can Hindus not even celebrate their own festival peacefully in the country now? Such tragic incidents show the hatred and intolerance that Muslims hold towards other communities. The most awful part is that the students arrested are studying at Aligarh Muslim university. What kind of education is being imparted to youth of such sort?


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