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Is this a nefarious plan to bring back separatist sentiments in Punjab & grow unrest in the country?


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“During Pathankot attack, military came. Later I received letter that Punjab should pay Rs 7.5 Cr as military was sent. Sadhu Singh and I went to Rajnath Singh.Told him to deduct from my MPLAD but give in writing that Punjab isn’t country’s part and took military from India on rent.”

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagvant Mann made this statement on the floor of Punjab Assembly because he gets protection from getting sued. This is an old Arvind Kejriwal trick. His MLA had “hacked” their own EVM on the floor of Delhi Assembly after staying away from the invite by Election Commission to hack their EVMs in public.

Now, he’s made Anti-India and pro-seccession statements twice within a week. First was when he demanded ₹ 50,000 Crore package for Punjab and now this. We must check his statements at different levels to understand how fake and false are his words.

  1. Late Manohar Parrikar was the Minister of Defense during Pathankot attack. Why did Mann meet Rajnath Singh ? Rajnath Singh was the Home Minister in those days, not even Finance Minister.
  2. He says, he received a letter demanding ₹ 7.5 Crore. It was SAD – BJP Government in power at that time. Mann was just an MP, that too from an opposition party that had nothing to do with administration anywhere in Punjab. On what grounds did he receive the letter ? Who wrote the letter ? Can he produce a copy of the letter ?
  3. Told him to deduct from my MPLAD: What a joke ! The MoD doesn’t deduct anything from MPLAD funds of a lawmaker. All State government payments are made by Government treasury to the concerned Central agency.
  4. ₹ 7.5 Crore: It was actually around ₹ 6.5 Crore and this is a STANDARD PROCEDURE. Central Government agencies send bills to ALL STATES for “Services of Central Agencies”. This applies even for services rendered during natural calamities. Even Kerala Government had received bills for the services extended by Armed forces during the 2018 floods. That is a standard procedure. It’s not like building a “₹ 6 Lakh bridge” in place of a ₹ 1.8 Crore bridge. All Government expenditure has to be accounted. The Ministry of Finance can waive or write off these amounts subsequently under different schemes. The said amount was indeed waived by Central Government and Bhagvant Mann had no role whatsoever in it.

This dratsab is spreading secessionist agenda in the name of purely fictional injustice to Punjab. He’s more dangerous than the Terrorists of SFJ because he’s in power. Narendra Modi Government must use a sledgehammer to crush these Anti-India campaigns. The time is NOW !


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