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Amit Pandey


Should Taj Mahal be really called SANGE MAR MAR ?

The heart wrenching story of 1631 Great Famine induced by Shah Jahan with complete ignorance to humanity It was 1631. Shah Jahan with his army...

Some number analysis regarding India whether the second wave is for real or not.

I have taken Sep 23rd a week later when India achieved the peak number of cases for comparisons. On Sep 23rd,7 day average daily growth...

Donald Trump Speaks – Watch, Listen and Ponder

While ex-president Donald Trump will be speaking at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), he will not be joined by his ex-deputy Mike...

Nupur Tewari ,cultivating humanity in Japan promoted Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan on 26th Jan.

Nupur Tewari, who believes in becoming an example than giving an example, who is a doer and prove it though each action in her...

Taming the dragon ,China’s deceit.

Sun Tzu, a military general and strategist who lived in ancient China, is one of the East Asia’s most important historical and strategic figures....

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