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Is it end game for MVA in Maharashtra ?Will the car full of explosives lead to a political explosion?


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We all think the entire crisis started with the gelatin sticks laden Scorpio outside Antilla – no, it started about a month before – with the Dhananjay Munde controversy

Munde is Maharashtra’s social justice Minister & a lady alleged that he had raped her. Munde immediately clarified on social media that he had nothing to do with this lady but had married her sister, who was his second wife. He said his entire family & friends circle knew about it & he had also lend his name to his kids from his second marriage. Munde belongs to NCP & there was a furore asking for his resignation but since he clarified his position & the lady later withdrew her complaint, the call for his resignation subsided

Then came the Pooja Chavan case. 21 year old Pooja, a tik tok star from the Banjara Samaj, was found mysteriously dead in Pune. Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis got access to about 10-12 audio chats which he alleged implicated Forest Minister Sanjay Rathod from Shiv Sena. Now Sanjay Rathod is a prominent leader from the Banjara community & he claimed that it was a plot to defame him & his community

He went underground after the entire scandal broke up, never clarified his position unlike Munde & then showed off his “strength” by a get together of his supporters in the Kohra devi shrine holy to the community many days after the scandal broke out. But as more & more proof came out, his position became untenable & he had to resign

This created rift in SS & NCP as Rathod from SS was made to resign & not Munde from NCP

Then we know the entire Antilla scandal in which Vaze was implicated. Now, even though the Home Ministry was in hands of NCP, the Home Minister Anil Deshmukh tried to wash off his hands on the entire controversy & save his seat

He claimed that a panel decided on Sachin Vaze’s re-induction, but he was not able to answer important questions like –

Why were only 4-5 suspended cops inducted when the govt gave excuse about shortage of manpower due to Corona crisis ?

Why was Vaze, who was just an ASI, in charge of the Crime Intelligence Unit ( CIU ) ?

Why were the inspectors there transferred & Vaze made in charge of it?

Why was he given almost all high profile & sensitive cases like Arnab’s arrest in Anvay Naik suicide case, fake TRPs case, again involving Arnab’s Republic channel & so on ?

As Home Minister, one can’t just wash off his hands off these issues? Now Vaze was close to Shiv Sena & had even joined the party & was their spokesperson! It is not yet known if he ever resigned from that post or not – so while Shiv Sena tried to defend Vaze in the beginning through the party mouthpiece Saamna & the CM asking if he was Osama , they became quieter as the evidence looked more & more incriminating

Now Shiv Sena wanted HM Anil Deshmukh to resign as NCP had pressurised SS for Sanjay Rathod, but Deshmukh, like Munde earlier, didn’t want to resign – so he made Parambir Singh the fall guy

Earlier, govt said that it was just a routine transfer but later Deshmukh said that it was becoz of serious lapses on part of Parambir Singh. Now Singh, whatever his detractors may say, had a stellar record & was not going to let it get tarnished by this scandal.

So yesterday, he wrote a letter implicating not just HM, but also the CM & Sharad Pawar, the power behind this govt. Singh alleged that HM was calling police officers to his residence & had asked Vaze to extort 100 crore per month from Mumbai from hotels & various businesses.

What was most damaging about the letter was that Singh also wrote that he had exposed this misbehaviour of HM to CM & Sharad Pawar but they didn’t act on it – which shows them complicit in this extortion racket

Now Pawar doesn’t hold any post in the govt so he can wriggle out of it – as he is so adroit in, but what excuse can the CM give ?

By not acting on the warnings given by the Police Commissioner on the misbehaviour of the HM, the CM has found himself in a very difficult position where he finds himself all alone with no support from his new found fair weather friends

Now, the Governor is looking at all these developments very carefully as he’s also received a copy of this letter

But is this enough for President’s Rule?

Shouldn’t BJP be more careful?

Ok, some more reasons

Maharashtra today contributes to 2/3rd of Corona cases in India & ~ 40 % of deaths; Maharashtra had recently seen the highest ever single day spike since the start of the pandemic & has still not used about half of the vaccines provided to it by the central govt

The speaker of the assembly- Nana Patole, had resigned from his post of speaker to head Cong Maharashtra Congress Unit; the post has been vacant now for about 2 months now, signalling a breakdown of constitutional machinery

Are all these reasons enough to usher in President’s Rule ?

What if the SC overturns it – like it did with Uttarakhand?

The courts, including SC takes very strong note of political interference in bureaucracy & what Singh alleged HM was doing was ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL & UNPRECEDENTED

Will BJP think of President’s Rule when it didn’t do it in Bengal or Kerala where so many of its workers were getting killed in political murders ?

The govts in WB & Kerala had popular mandate – the govt in Maharashtra doesn’t !

It’s a post poll opportunistic alliance after the worst kind of backstabbing of a pre poll ally

In WB & Kerala, President Rule would have boomeranged as the proud Bengalis & Keralites would have considered it as an attack on their mandate – that is not the case in Maharashtra – where as per reports, people are now fed up of mismanagement & corruption & want to see Devendra Fadnavis back in the CM’s chair ASAP

So what will happen ??

Let’s wait & watch !

Becoz politics is all about the art of possibilities!

You get a few opportunities & you need to grab hold of them with both hands – and who knows better about playing this game of chess than the jodi of Modi & Shah ?

So let’s wait & watch !


  1. Yes , may be the central governmental step on after may 2nd. There was anyways no rush from the beginning as the MVA government was on self destruction path from day one itself.


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