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IIW ( Inspiring Indian Women ) SHE INSPIRES AWARDS 2022


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IIW CEO Rashmi Mishra delivering Vote of Thanks at the IIW She Inspires Awards 2022 at the Houses of Parliament,UK, London
IIW CEO Rashmi Mishra delivering Vote of Thanks at the IIW She Inspires Awards 2022 at the Houses of Parliament,UK, London

The much-awaited IIW She Inspires Awards 2022, this year drew wide scale interest from nominations coming from all parts of the world. The purpose was to acknowledge ordinary women who are doing so much but hardly recognised. It could be any woman in the family sacrificing the was a huge success. More than 150 nominations went under a gruelling process of two rounds.

“Naari” is referred as “Shakti (Strength)”, and SHE INSPIRES award is to celebrate that Strength exhibited by Women in different roles, something that Inspires others to go a Step further, to venture into the Uncharted, and thereby bringing out the best in their role. We wish to acknowledge those who have worked behind the Limelight to bring a Big Change silently, the women who have transformed Lives and Impacted those around her.  It is an award to acknowledge the ordinary women who have done extraordinary work all this without any registration fees and influence. That is what made this IIW She Inspires very different and much sought for… It was 6 months of arduous task, following up for Judges, preliminary round then final with 100 of emailing and collating nominations.

Honourable M.P Padmashree Bob Blackman hosted the event in the sanctity of the mother of all parliaments, the Portcullis House, the new building of the Parliament, Westminister UK

The Volunteers who worked tirelessly were Shital Kamdar, Bogumila Bubiak, Seema Khandelwal, Ship Gomes, Shikha Garg, Tejal Shah, SivaPriya Thunagarah Archana Khadye , Hetvi Gandhi, Shreya Rahul, DrSanya Sharma, Sarika Handa , Ayesha Shamim, Hema Kariyappa , Shruti Akash Bajpai, Nina Darmeci. The event was hosted by Sonal Sher, Bhanu Sistla.

The event also witnessed the launch of Dr Priya Virmani’s Book, ‘The Smallest Stories to Extraordinary’.

Here goes the names of all the Proud Winners –



  1. Ms Raga Olga D’silva
  2. Ms Kamala Seth
  3. Padmashree Kalpana Saroj
  4. Ms Ritika Jaiswal
  5. Ms Geeta Shah
  6. Ms Chinu Kishore
  7. Kalpana Doshi
  8. Tarla Mashru
  9. Abhnash Bains


  1. Ms Shweta Shalini
  2. Ms Rama Chande


  1. Ms Bhawna Arora
  2. Manju Kumari Sinha for Divyang (Differently abled Community)
  3. Ms Vaishali Shah
  4. Jai Verma
  5. Meeta Joshi


  1. Dr Sarala Ravindran
  2. Dr Pushpinder Chowdhary MBE
  3. Adv Seema Samridhi
  4. Dr Nirmala Murthy


  • Darshini Joshi


  1. Bright Artist (Art, Music, Drama, Media, Creative, age 3-20)
  2. Gia soni
  3. Aditi Gollapudi
  4. Harini Ganesan

Bright Artist (Art, Music, Drama, Media, Creative, age 21-40)

  • Vinothini.G  Joint Winners
  • Neha Patel Joint Winners
  • Sneha Ramu Runners up
  • Manorma Joisi Runners up

Bright Artist (Art, Music, Drama, Media, Creative, age 40+)

  • Dr Apurna Jegannathen 1st
  • Swathi Nahar 2nd
  • Nithya Sowmy 2nd

Community Spirit (Welfare or Social Worker, Level 1 Age – 16 to 35 )

  1. Ishwari Kotecha 1st
  2. Merlin Dalmeida 2nd

Community Spirit – ( Welfare or Social Worker, Level 2 Age- 35 plus )

  1. Rachana Pradeep Ingle 1st
  2. Vijita Agarwal Runners up
  3. Divya Khurana Runners up
  4. Kritilata Ram Runners up
  5. HimaValli Chalikonda – 2nd Runners up
  6. Tanima Paul 2nd Runners up

Most Popular Choice Awards

  • V. Karthikadevi
  • T. Lavanyasobana Runners up

Remarkable Mentor

  • Anjie Chhapia(Peer Leader – Volunteer) 1st
  • Prapti Dutt Runners up
  • Neelam Bharat Sarda Runners up
  • Tanushree Agrawal 2 nd Runners up

Rising Star (All Abilities)

  • Uma Devi Ashok Kumar 1st
  • Akalya Krishna 2nd
  • Dharti Vasani 2 nd Runners up

Special Mom/Best Homemaker

  • Meena Joshi
  • Jean Olexa

Best Entrepreneur

  • Dr. Jaya Sajnani Joint Winner
  • Dr Rashmi Mantri Joint winner
  • AnGele Cade Runners up

Champion Of the Earth (Environmentalist )

  • Mittal Kothari
  • Purva Tavri

Outstanding Educational Role Model

  • Jayeeta Ghosh 1st
  • Kashmea Wahi Runners up
  • Mrs Santhakumari Runners up

Promising Professional

  • Dr Neha Sharma Joint Winner
  • Dr Raaji Anand joint Winner
  • Deepika Ganesh Runner up
  • Pinky akash Runner up


  • Miss Priya Thirugnanarajah Winner
  • Mrs. Kalpana Bhatt Winner
  • Angelique Parvez- Runners up
  • Antara Tallam Runners up
  • Sandhya Aaytee -2 Runners up
  • Kara Maldonado – 2 nd Runners up

Community Partners for this event were Jeena Charity (Rani Bilkhu), Knowledge Movement India, Kaushalya UK (Ritu Sharma), Zabardast Butterflies ( Alamara Awan ),  British Indians Voice,  LOANI Spirit Of Sisterhood ( Caroline Makaka ) , Paint Our World ( Dr Priya Virmani )

Special thanks to Sonoo Malkani (Chair Harrow Inter Faith Forum, Ms Mira Misra Kaushik (Co-Founder Manch UK) Krishna Pujara (CEO Enfield Saheli), Warrant Officer Ashok Kumar Chauhan MBE, Lieutenant Colonel Wendy Faux commissioned into the British Army in 1992 as one of the first women to serve directly in the Royal Artillery. YIBN (Yorkshire Indian Business Network) Founders Ezhil Anand and Shivalkar, Former PC Purnima Raval longest serving Hindu lady in the Met Police.

The show started with Odissi dance by Mohammed Yousuf Hossain from Nrityalaap , later Contemporary Dance by Airitri Kundu, student of Tanushree Shankar from the Anand Shankar Dance Troupe and the finale was Bharatnatyam Dance by Mom Sabitha Nalli and Daughter Diya Nalli from Aadya Academy of Fine Arts

The atmosphere was buzzing with happy faces, beaming with pride, thank you talk and feeling of togetherness with family. The essence of IIW to support women, uplift their profiles and get them closer to their dreams was very visible in this event. IIW created memories for each attendee there to cherish for a long time.

To know more about the Awardees in detail, please check out IIW community page – @InspiringIndianwomen

Everybody has an opinion. Do they, however, truly matter? These days, blending various viewpoints has resulted in the development of hazardous concoctions of perspectives. The true goal, however, was to cultivate serious intellectual revolutions that would influence the people and create a community that might affect global change. About Umesh Agarwal Umesh Agarwal, a conscientious Indian citizen active in media and volunteer work, thinks that young people in India need to become more aware of both spoken and unsaid global events. An entrepreneur by trade, a commerce graduate by education, and a veteran of the information technology three-tier architecture industry, He has made it his mission to increase public understanding of global current affairs, macro and microeconomics, heritage, international relations, history, and economic affairs. He is a renowned geopolitical expert, visionary, and astute opinion leader. He is passionate about analysing current events and reporting on them in a variety of international publications, including Trunicle, USApolitico, Keatley, and BharatVoice. Many of his writings went viral and attracted the attention of international celebrities who commented on them. VISION Umesh queries, "Is it easy to be vocal and politically opinionated with numerous avenues of information like print media, live websites, and interactions on social media. But the crucial query is: Are we expanding our thinking? Can we uncover facts buried in layers? Are we capable of fully comprehending the political game of cards?” He frequently states that In today’s capitalist society, if we don't teach the next generation how to protect themselves from the tragedies of bureaucratic conspiracies, they might never learn to protect themselves and make big decisions. VOLUNTEERING WORK Along with his involvement with numerous charitable organisations, he had managed multispecialty day care diagnostic and cancer detection centres that serve more than 100,000 people in Chennai. Having participated in numerous humanitarian and social organisations as a contributor. INDIACHRONICLE With the vision of promoting transparency and empowering the youth , he has launched a mediahouse- IndiaChronicle.in, a new centrist journal designed to promote educated debate and offer insightful information on the many areas that influence our society. India Chronicle seeks to fill in the gaps in public conversation by offering a fair-minded and complex viewpoint on important topics. Our readership is made up of a diverse group of people, including decision-makers, academics, workers, and active citizens who seek insightful information. Its time that we think of the persistent little contributions that make us a more responsible individual and a global citizen. Follow on Email : ukagarwal@gmail.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ukagarwal Twitter : https://twitter.com/ukagarwal Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ukagarwal/ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/@ukagarwal Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ukagarwal2k2/


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