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Why Indian Muslims should return all the Encroached Temples to Hindus?


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India is a country full of contradictions, for hundreds of years, the invaders have attacked us many times, and tried to destroy our culture and temples, but even after all this, we preserved our civilization with full glory, and at the same time kept on combining it with modernity.

From the very beginning, Indians were able to nurture and preserve their culture and customers, because they never interrupted the observance of their traditions and maintained faith in every concept and thing that according to them was true.

Our temples have been the most significant catalysts of the existence of our culture, and that was the reason why foreign and Islamic invaders always targeted them. Even today there are thousands of such temples which are in a broken state and many are still in possession of the ‘modern successors‘ of the invaders to this day.

Hindus are wounded- Will Muslims acknowledge it?

The most famous temples or shrines are Ayodhya, Mathura, and Kashi. These places are considered the holiest for Hindus, and they are indeed the center stage for millions of Hindus’ faith, just like the Vatican City for Christians and Makka-Madina for Muslims.

India’s Leftist historians propagate that Islamic conquerors took control of Hindu temple sites for wealth. However, they have conveniently suppressed the fact that it had a lot to do with Islamic religious zeal. Islamic aggressors destroyed thousands of temples in India because as per their religious faith, ‘worshipping idols is kufr (unIslamic) and has to be eradicated’.

The present-day inheritors of such faith are the terrorist regimes like the Taliban and the Islamic State. Here a valid question arises, why the victims (Hindus) are expected to forget such acts of aggression and move on?

Those who really want to have a lasting solution to these religious issues must recognize this civilizational wound, which is still fresh. But first, we must confront and acknowledge the problem, only then can we arrive at an intellectually honest solution. Will Indian Muslims acknowledge the problem?

Muslims make a Tactical but Bizzare stance on every dispute

We have observed during the Ayodhya struggle, how Muslims have tactically changed their stance from asking for proof of a temple underground to a court verdict to saying no court has the locus standi to undo something done by a valid sovereign in the 16th century.

The same goes with the Kashi and Mathura as well, where both are well-known holy cities for thousands of years. We have adequate historical records and evidence that prove beyond any doubt that there are temples at the disputed sites.

Muslims are asking Hindus to provide justification for a Ram Mandir in Ram’s place of birth, ShivLing at Gyanvapi, and Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi at Mathura. Although this is a bizarre demand, it indicates that no argument Hindus provide will be found satisfactory by the opposite party.

Overall, it has remained steadfast in refusing the place to Hindus, although the Babri Masjid had not been used as a mosque since 1949 and was of no importance to Muslims. Even when Supreme Court announced its judgment in favor of Hindus, Muslims filed a review petition to stretch the issue for a few more months.

Why Muslim should return all the encroached temples to Hindus?

These religious sites have been the holiest places for Hindus for thousands of years. All Hindus want is the handover of these sites back to them, so that they can restore them and exercise their right to worship their gods, which has been stalled for hundreds of years.

But appealing to Muslims’ good sense has remained futile, even if Hindus asked for only three places of the highest regard, leaving out thousands of others for good. Apart from that the liberal and secular discourse that avoids questions of Islamic doctrine (against Kafirs) fails in convincing Muslims to be more Hindu-friendly in India. On the contrary, the discourse only offers new reasons for being intransigent.

It is a wrong tenacity of Muslims to make claims about these holy places. It is a well-planned process to blame the Hindu community for creating animosity in society. These issues should be resolved to maintain goodwill in society, and the onus of this should be on Muslims.

The Muslim youth and leadership must understand that social and cultural unity is needed in society, as it impacts their safety, credibility, and Livingood as well. They must come ahead, make an amicable offer, and hand over these holy places to the Hindus. It will only help them create a generous environment in society.


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