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Factors that indicate victory for Bjp in the West Bengal assembly elections 2021.


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Bengal which used to be the heart of British Ruled India has slowly started to decline just after the independence. The Religious appeasement which divided Bengal in West Bengal(India) and East Bengal (Pakistan,today’s Bangladesh) still continues today. There are areas in present West Bengal where Bengali Hindus can not practice their religious rights very easily .

The Political Violence Culture sown by Congress and Communists still continues in the era of Mamata Banerjee who came in to the power saying “bodla noy bodol chai” (we dont seek revenge but change). The Bengal of Swami Vivekanand , Netaji Subhash and million more legends is often in the news for crude bombs, political killings and rape of opposition leaders or their families.

The Bengali community which used to be the masters in business has started looking down upon the business class and is more in to club carrom card ciggerrate culture than anything else. No this didnt happened in a single day. 35 years of Communist rule brainwashed the mighty Bengalis to believe that businessmen are extortionist and they loot you they exploit you. Shut down the factories (in which they used to work) shut down the companies . In just 35 years West Bengal saw a massive closures of factories and companies in the state. From a class with fine knowledge of business Bengalis were turned in to a class of protestors and agitators.

In this tough times when West Bengal is going through joblessness , corruption , cultural demolition of native Bengalis, Violence , syndicate , illegal Rohingya infiltration West Bengalis is finding a ray of hope in BJP led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah .

Reasons why BJP may win the next elections :

  1. Matua Community : The Bengali Hindu Community who was raped killed looted stabbed and was forced to flee from Bangladesh to India leaving behind all their properties back home to save their own lives and honour of their women. This community is in complete support of CAA and NRC and wants an instant implication of the same. As soon as the CAA was passed Matuas poured in large numbers in the BJP rallies and it was like a shot in the arm for BJP Bengal. Matuas have 60 vidhansabha seats under their dominance where they are about 40% of the voters and 40 more seats are they are about 25-30% of the total voters. Santanu Thakur the joint president of Matua Mahasangh is a BJP MP and BJP will have a easier course of win on these seats.
  2. Anti Incumbency : People of West Bengal are fed up with Syndicate, Corruption, law lessness, lack of jobs, cut money and other than few freebies, decoration of parks and street lamps any major development is yet to happen. The mood of the people has been set against TMC even if many of them still adore Mamata.
  3. Dilip Ghosh and Mukul Roy :

Dilip Ghosh is a storm in Rural Bengal it wont be wrong to say for him that jaha se wo khade hote hain line wahi se suru ho jaati hain. He is leading from the front to take BJP to the masses. The Urban intellectuals discussing politics in coffee house with cigarettes in their hands will be shocked with the way Rural Bengal is going to behave.

Mukul Roy on other hand is busy breaking his opponents. He is not a great orator but he knows how to do it silently.

This combination is getting proved to be lethal against TMC.

  1. TMC has lost it in the mind. With everyday some important leader from state level to booth level joining BJP the ground workers dont know that tomorrow what will be their future. The moral is down the leaders are falling apart Mamata ji is confused about whether to save party or campaign for the party.
  2. PK and Bhaipo combination is a result of the dynastical shift allowed by Mamata. She wanted all power to be shifted in the hands of Bhaipo and PK to lead the way but that doesnt went well with Mukul Roy it didnt went well with Subhendu Adhikary and it wont go well with any leader who right there from the beginning before mamata ji became Mamata. TMC is falling apart and PK Bhaipo combination is the catalyst .

2021 elections are going to be intresting only thing which can save it for TMC is waging massive Violence during elections. But given the close observations made by governor home ministry and ECI even that appears to be a distant dream.

Whatever may be the result but do go out and Vote .


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