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Comparing Hindu temples with brothels and targeting Kerala to make an Islamic state in 10 years, here is Mujahid Balussery, new Zakir Naik of India


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Kerala based Islamic preacher Mujahid Balussery—who called for a ‘caliphate in Kerala—has set the target of turning Kerala into an Islamic State in 10 years. A caliphate is government under a caliph, who claims to have succeeded from Muhammad. After Islamic preachers like Zakir Naik—who exhorts Muslims to turn India into an Islamic state by radicalising them—it is Mujahid Balussery, who is urging Muslims to make Kerala an Islamic State.

In a viral video, Mujahid Balussery is inciting Mujahids (it means Jihadi in Arabic) to turn the state into a ‘caliphate. He says, “Send all Muslims of Kerala to Mujahid mosques just on Fridays and we can turn Kerala into an Islamic State within 10 years.” He goes on to say, “We have a duty here. If we shut down some of the other Muslim religious branches in Kerala and bring them under Mujahids, we can turn Kerala into Islamic State within 10 years. A man can be morally perfect in every way but will be denied heaven if he worships other Gods. Because saying ‘Guruvayurappa save me’ is shirk and is a bigger sin than adultery, homosexuality or lending money for interest and the person will go to hell.”

In an another video, which was accessed by the Times Now from 2017, Mujahid Balussery is comparing a Hindu temple to a brothel. He says, “If you donate money to a Hindu temple or festival, you’re encouraging shirk which is the gravest sin. You wouldn’t donate money to a brothel or a pub.”

India gave its sizeable land to establish Islam in 1947 in the form of Pakistan, which broke into two again to form another Islamic nation Bangladesh in 1971. Nevertheless, Islamic preachers like Zakir Naik and Mujahid Balussery call for Muslims to make India an Islamic State.

India, a country with oldest civilisation never fixed a barricade to protect its ancient faith and culture of the land even if they were persecuted for centuries by foreign invaders. Hindus never built “Hindu Rashtra” after partition even if the foreign invaders claimed a huge part of land of India to declare faith of foreign invaders, in the form of two countries; ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ and ‘Bangladesh with Islam as its state religion.’

Observing the demography of Kerala, it is open secret that Hindus are on the verge of becoming minority in the next generation. History is full of examples wherever Muslims have grown into majority, minority have stopped existing. Pakistan and Bangladesh—where minorities were brutally persecuted—are live examples of how Hindus and Sikhs disappeared from there. A disturbing question arises, how Kerala can allow Hindus to turn into minority.

Is India paying price of being an excessive secular and extra liberal nation, which doesn’t check emergence of Islamic preachers like Zakir Naik and Mujahid Balussery, who are posing huge threat to the national security? India must find the answers before it is too late and states like Kerala slip into anarchy of Jihad.


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