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Mesmerizing “4 More Years” video released by the Trump Campaign


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Indian-American psychiatrist Dr Maya Puri said, “When I first saw the “4 More Years” video, it sent chills down my spine. I had a visceral reaction to it. I literally wanted to stand up and cheer.

Its election time – November 2020. Winning minds and translating it into votes is the name of the game. The Indian American diaspora has emerged as one of the sought-after segments for winning the minds and votes. Numbering around 4 million represents around 1% of the voting universe. Yest they could be decisive in swing states where less than 100,000 votes has made the difference between winning and losing an election.

America enjoys great relationship with India and nothing more typifying than the warm and personal bondage that exists between President Trump and PM Modi.. This has gone a long way in cementing the relationships between the two nations. President Trump’s respect for Indian values and traditions and his recognition of Indian Americans contributions will play equally a critical role in Indian American Voter choices. US President has also stayed away from many issues that are central to India rather than courting controversies.

The “4 More Years” video was released by the Trump Campaign during the Republican National Convention last month.

Conceptualized by Al Mason, Co-chair of Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee, and launched by Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr, and also Kimberly Guilfoyle’s, tweet with the video and placements in other social channels were very popular and widely viewed.

“The Trump – Modi video captioned – Four More years is one of the most profoundly impactful to be produced that offers everything from – Message – Persona – Leadership – communication – juxtaposed in a stadium setting with thousands of supporters cheering on. It would rank with any classical theatrical production that was released with a teaser trailer. The video does full justice to the Trump-Modi partnership built on Trust Respect Recognition and Warmth”, Sridhar Chityala, former banking executive and currently member of the Advisory Board, Indian Voices for Trump, was quoted.

Indian-American psychiatrist Dr Maya Puri said, “When I first saw the “4 More Years” video, it sent chills down my spine. I had a visceral reaction to it. I literally wanted to stand up and cheer. It brought tears to my eyes. The power of friendship between these two world leaders is truly awe-inspiring. It’s something that I would strongly recommend every Indian and non-Indian to watch for themselves to have that ‘feel-good’ experience which I truly think is good for the soul,”

Al Mason narrative is most appropriate as he makes a persuasive case for why Trump for 2020, in this interview. With 2 Israel-Arab States deals signed under the leadership of Donald Trump the 2020 Presidential Election just got tighter, said Sree Iyer, Editor of P Gurus a media website that covers the Politics in-depth

– Shridhar C.


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