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Reasons why Uddhav Thackeray is the best ever Chief Minister in India #Sarcasm


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Maharashtra is known as a Land of Warriors, and today we are going to tell you the story of another warrior, the greatest CM ever in the history of the World, Mr. Uddhav Thackeray. The greatest warrior of the Thackeray Clan, who rules Maharashtra from his stable, which is known as Matoshri.

Uddhav Thackeray has been the face of Shivsena since the demise of Balasaheb Thakarey, however he did show him ambitions and convinced his father to ignore the worthy Raj Thackeray, who ultimately left the party. But that’s how the destiny is, if Balasaheb didn’t kick out Raj, then how would we get the best CM in the history of India?

let’s discuss some inspirational traits of Uddhav Thackeray, the unarguably the best CM India has ever seen.

Dream big, just like Uddhav Thackeray

One has to learn the value of dreams from Uddhav Thackery. He showcased the ability to take a bite too big for his own mouth, indeed a distinct trait in current times. Shiv Sena with almost half the number of MLAs decided to claim the CMs post, they were very well aware that BJP will never agree to this. He is just a newbie party president, became a leader only after the demise of his father Balasaheb. He was just the son of a party leader, who has not even contested a single election ever. However, Uddhav showed his impeccable risk-taking abilities and sealed an alliance with NCP and Congress and became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Uddhav is master of Alliance

There is a famous saying in Matoshri, that once Uddhav has decided something in his mind, then he put all his efforts to achieve that. He sealed an impeccable alliance with the bitter rivals NCP and Congress to keep BJP away from the throne. It really doesn’t matter if NCP emerged as the winner by grabbing the lion’s share of the portfolios in the government, what really matter if the CM chair, the long-cherished dream of the Thackeray family, and every Shivsainik, which actually fulfilled. It really doesn’t matter if the cost of losing its voter base, identity and also losing key ministries.

Uddhav has an extensive experience

It doesn’t matter if Uddhav Thakarey doesn’t have any experience of dealing with complex administration machinery and Governance. It may be an exhausting task for Uddhav and he must rely heavily on NCP or Congress for most administrative activities since they own all the critical portfolios. People seldom know that Uddhav Ji has wonderful and extensive experience of being a photographer, he can easily pull off such governance and administration challenges.

Uddhav bring Thackerays to the public

Thackeray used to rule the Mumbai from Matoshri, their palatial home. Every Political party, Bollywood Celebrities or Foreign dignitaries used to pay a visit to Matoshri for obvious reasons. However, Uddhav thoughts lets bring the Thackerays to the general public. Past recent Maharashtra elections, he and his Son used to visit several hotels and other places to seal the deal with NCP and Congress. He even went to Delhi to meet Madam Sonia, that’s another achievement. In that way, he shunned the special image of Matoshri, which used to be the citadel of all political movements in Maharashtra. Uddhav showed his true democratic fervor and left his home and started working right at public places, isn’t that revolutionary?

A CM with an extraordinary PR machinery

Uddhav scores full marks on this parameter. It is his unparalleled popularity, which forced Bollywood Celebrities, Media personalities to tweet in support of Uddhav. He has such an aura, which forces others to fall in line and start singing his praise. He has such a charismatic leader, obviously, opposition like BJP is extremely jealous of him and want him to be failed, but alas, for their disappointment, Uddhav Ji’s popularity has been rising like the infamous Tsunami of 2004, no one can stop him, come what may.

Uddhav Thackeray, the best man to fight Corona

He can be said the best CM because today Maharastra is leading the tally of COVID 19 cases in India. It has crossed the mark of the coveted figure of 1 Million, a stupendous achievement indeed. If Maharashtra was a separate country, then it would have been at the 5th spot in the list, indeed a big achievement, isn’t it?

Uddhav does not believe in Nepotism

Uddhav Thackeray is a strong critic of Nepotism, he feels that any person should be given a chance based on merit, rather than due to the name of his/her family. He is a firm believer that nepotism should be stopped in every way possible, and that’s why he made his son, Aaditya a Minister, that too without any kind of private or public experience ever. Isn’t this exciting?

The Man who strengthen the Law and Order of Maharashtra

This is indeed the biggest achievement of Uddhav Thackeray, he has transformed the Law and Order situation of Maharashtra. Look at the Palghar incident, hundreds of local goons surrounded the Hindu saints, Uddhav sent police to give them some sort of comfort, or I would say a comfortable death, as police just handed them over to the mad mob, which beat them upright in front of cameras. Look at how the Mumbai Police conducted the wonderful investigation of Sushant Rajput’s death, they proved it a suicide within few minutes, even Scotland Yard can’t match the speed and accuracy of Mumbai Police, all credit goes to the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray.

No, he is not a Dictator

Contrary to his fake image portrayed by BJP and Godi Media, Uddhav Thackeray is not a Dictator. The truth is that he cannot dictate anyone at all, sometimes he has to get dictated by people like Pawar and Sonia and sometimes by his Samna Editor cum Right Hand, cum Spokesperson Sanjay Raut.

A speaker par excellence

It is said that Uddhav is also prone to talk Irresponsible, irrelevant, with arrogance, and he uses dirty adjectives for his opponents. However, these allegations are wrong. He never made any dirty remarks against his ‘opponents’, though he sometimes calls his seniors and alliance partner Modi as ‘Afzal Khan’ but that’s how he was making BJP relevant for the Muslim vote bank. People with less political acumen cant understand such tactics of him.

Uddhav is a Quick learner

If we talk about the learning, then no one can beat Uddhav Thackeray. In just 7 months, he has learned to say hello to Muslims, which he used to hate. Now even Muslims appreciate him and call him the best CM. He invited people like Sonu Sood, to visit his residence that’s, where people are forcibly called and they don’t like to come to meet CM. Last but not the least, he knows how to drive a car. Can Modi Ji drive his car? forget it.

In our opinion, Uddhav Thackeray is indeed a blessing for the people of this universe. His leadership qualities are enlightening the world like never before. People should not believe BJP and Godi Media, who always project a negative image of Shri Uddhav Thackeray, people should use their consciences and see the extraordinary feats of our respected CM Sh. Uddhav Ji.


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