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Brutal Killing of Harsha in Karnataka – Is this a new Kind of JIHAD by PFI and SDPI?


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The hijab controversy in Karnataka is heating up with every passing day. It was started with a protest, but gradually the atmosphere has started deteriorating as religious fanatics have hijacked this entire movement. In a recent case, a 23-year-old Hindu boy Harsha has been murdered for campaigning against wearing Hijab in schools and colleges in Karnataka’s Shivamogga, triggering fresh tension over the issue.

Harsha, who was an active member of the Bajrang Dal. His only fault was his active campaigning for secular uniforms in state schools and colleges on social media. In view of this heinous crime, the Shivamogga district administration has enforced prohibitory orders and announced a holiday for schools and colleges.

A heavy police force has been deployed in view of the tension in the area. After the killing of Harsha with knives in Shivamogga, the mob also vandalized vehicles at several places in the area. The vehicles were set on fire, which was later called by the fire brigade.

Picture Credit – India Today

After this incident, the tension has risen further as supporters of victims came out on the streets and unleashed their anger, and demanded immediate arrest of the murderers. The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has said that Harsha was attacked by jihadists earlier too.

VHP also claimed that Harsha’s cold-blooded murder is a diabolical act jointly perpetrated by the PFI (Popular Front of India) and the SDPI (Socialist Democratic Party of India). The murder has been carried out with an ulterior motive to spread terror throughout the state of Karnataka.

Police have arrested 6 murderers including Kashif (30), Syed Nadim (20), and Adnan (25). The Police is suspecting a few more conspirators and searching for them.

Picture Credit – India Today

Karnataka Minister KS Eshwarappa didn’t mince any words, he said that “I’m very disturbed by the murder of a Bajrang Dal activist. He was killed by ‘Musalmaan goondas’ (Muslim goons). I’m going to Shivamogga now to analyze the situation. We’ll not allow ‘goondaism’.

Why this systematic killing of Hindus?

Well, the sole objective of killing Hindus every now and then is to foment an environment of terror in the state. The attackers of PFI and SDPI have carried out such brutal acts in various parts of Karnataka with impunity.

Two months ago, Bajrang Dal activist Manju Bhargav was attacked in Tumkur. Nagesh, a Bajrang Dal worker from Shimoga, Prashanth Poojary in Dakshina Kannada, Kuttappa from Madikeri, Rudresh in Bangalore were attacked by the PFI and SDPI workers.

These attackers usually come from Kerala and attempts are being made to trigger communal violence in Karnataka. It is a deep-rooted conspiracy of these radical Islamic organizations to trigger communal clashes among different sections of society.

Is it a new form of Jihad?

Usually, Islamic scholars say that Jihad means “a spiritual struggle within oneself against sin.” However, radical Islamists observe that Jihad is “a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam.” The ultra Islamist organizations like PFI and SDPI believe in the radical definition of Jihad, and that is exactly what they are doing, they are fighting and eliminating the so-called enemies of Islam.

BJP Leader Kapil Mishra also raised the issue of this ‘new form’ of Jihad, which is duly supported by the political leaders and media alike.

We have no hesitation to say that the frequent murders of Hindus are an outcome of the “poison” that Islamic fanatics are spreading in the Muslim community. Apart from that political parties like Congress, AIMIM, and the ‘Tukde-Tukde‘ gang is working round the clock to create an environment of animosity in the name of Muslim appeasement.

Modus Operandi – Targetted attacks on Hindus

The Radical Islamist organizations are carrying out these attacks in a highly precise way. Their modus operandi could be understood in these three points.

1. Increase Frequency of Attacks – Earlier such incidents used to happen every few months, now they have started happening every few days. Earlier you used to forget one easily, but now these attacks are happening in such a way that by the time you start outraging on an earlier one, a fresh attack happens.

2. The level of provocation is decreasing – It is no longer for anyone to make any statement against Islam to get killed like Kamlesh Tiwari. Today you could be attacked for a Facebook post, on the immersion of Saraswati Puja, or even for supporting the implementation of uniforms in schools.

3. Targetted Attacks to break the morale of Hindus – Now these organizations are orchestrating very focused attacks to dent the morale of Hindus. In this case, thousands of people were protesting against eh hijab controversy, but they killed the most active person. This was done to give a message that whoever retaliates will be killed.

How Hindus could counter this situation?

Well, this is a tough question but certainly has an easy solution. The first and the foremost is the unity among Hindus, if you stay vigil and united, then no one can harm you. We must educate our teenagers about Jihad and radical Islamic practices to ensure they remain alert about their surroundings.

As far as this case is concerned, Hindus must put pressure on the government to hand over this case to NIA, which can investigate the motive behind the crime and dig deep to unearth the terror links and funding sources of these outfits.

Hindus must also exert intense pressure on Center and State governments to ban the terror outfits such as PFI and SDPI immediately. We certainly don’t understand why these organizations are still operating, even after having evidence of their active involvement in various terror activities across the country.


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